stupidest thing you've ever done

  • i've done some very very stupid things which i am very embarassed about thank you very much but i think the most stupid thing i have ever done is accidently cut 9 inches of my hair during quarantine when i only meant to cut 3 :pepeshock:

  • How did you manage to do that.

    I went on a spending spree and bought albums from K.flay, gorillaz, and IU. One Benjamin Franklin gone. X/ :S

    "무중력으로 다시 수면으로 떠오를 때, 나는 다른 사람이되는 상상을한다" - 쿠사나기 모토코 (1995)

  • Not so much a thing I did, but... I've lived in this apartment for a little over two years and I just realized today that there's a light over my kitchen sink. The lightbulb in it has been out since I moved in so it would be more understandable if it didn't look like this

    Foster 4

    I've somehow been so dumb that I missed the BIG WHITE GLOBE hanging over my sink.


  • There was kid in schoolthat was a bit of a bully, nothing major just being an ass because no one stepped up to him.

    One day me a group of friends were coming home when we noticed his bike next to a gate, it wasn't chained up. So we thought let steal it, fuck it up a bit and dump in the local canal near by as a bit of revenge, he deserves to be put in place after all. We did all that as planned and no one saw us.

    As we're going back past were we find the bike we saw a police officer looking around the area. We all thought oh shit he called the cops already but there's zero evidence of us ever being here so there's no way he could ever prove it was us. There's no reason to suspect us at all.

    One of my friends decided to be very daring and went up too the police officer to ask him what's up.

    He replied someone stole his bike just now...


  • :whatk: what happened next?

  • :whatk: what happened next?

    Nothing thankfully. We said it was a dangerous area and said bikes get stolen all the time, and very calmly walked away. We didn't say a single word to each other because we knew if someone so much as looklooked one another our reaction would give it away. As soon as we turned the corner we all ran like hell.

    But that moment when he told us it was his bike was a huge wtf have we done moment. This was literally how our reactions went


  • I tried to put my foot in a sewer drain thingy piece of sht

    I have skinny hockey stick lookin ass feet so one day I was walking and I was like oh wow I should put my foot in that drain, so I did it, and when I tried to get my foot out it got stuck, be mindful that I was 13 and 13 year olds are dumb asf so yeah ig I was just being 13, so yeah my foot got stuck and then I saw this crackhead across the street and I was like please don’t come near me and ask for cocaine please don’t kill me im just a kid, but then the crackhead was coming near me so I was oh hell nah ima die today, I started praying askin for forgiveness saying like what did I do wrong to deserve this all I wanted was my momma, the crackhead came up to me and was like, “hey slime do you need help” and I was just like frozen and I was like Yes I need help please, so the crackhead helped me and I thanked him and I left

    The End Peridot Pooh.

    “Welcome to good burger, home of the good burger, can I take your order?”

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