My dra-ma-ma-ma-matic K-Pop predictions for 2024

  • Get ready for the Drama oooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    Okay so let's start I'm so ready for thissssssssssss

    First of all, we will have multiple dating scandals:

    - Either Liz, Gaeul or Rei will be revealed to date someone. The general public however won't be THAT mad since they aren't the most successful members of IVE.

    - Le Sserafim will be affected as well. However, Eunchae and Kazuha probably won't be in that dating scandal. My guess is Chaewon

    - NewJeans will be surrounded by dating rumours

    - It's gonna be revealed that either some Stray Kids or Ateez member is dating an Idol from one of those groups: StayC, Itzy, NMIXX or (G)-IDLE

    Bullying scandals:

    - SMs new GG will have a member that gets into a scandal. However, this will be the first time an Idol is actually really proven innocent and that member is going to stay in the group

    - Potential Babymonster or I'll-It bullying accusations


    - Drug scandal from a 3rd gen BG. I could imagine NCT being involved

    - First drug scandal from a 4th gen GG. I guess it's gonna involve (G)-IDLE for some reason. However, the claims are gonna be wrong, just like the G-Dragon case


    - IVE will be mainly SK or central Asia

    - Le Sserafim will be in between Asia and the west, with a high popularity in Europe and/or Latin America and Japan

    - NewJeans will dominate South Asia as well as the US and possibly European countries

    3RD GEN GGs:

    - Red Velvet is gonna be very silent

    - Twice will have all members dating, or at least half of them. I can also imagine a Twice member being involved in the big drug scandal

    - Blackpink is going to continue releasing solo stuff

    2024 is going to be a better year for K-Pop than this year. My comeback predictions:

    - Le Sserafims next comeback will top Perfect Night and dominate the whole of SK. It's gonna be a viral hit. They are also going to continue releasing the best japanese songs ever

    - IVE will have another Love Dive level song. Their concept will be very different from what we've seen with Baddie

    - NewJeans won't stop releasing bops. They'll have an Album of songs with each song having an MV and being promoted. There is going to be a scandal about Min Hee Jin overworking them btw, with a member potentially going on hiatus for 2 months. After those 2 months they are going to release another SOTY.

    - Stray Kids is going to get millions of Album sales and they're going to be bigger than any 3rd or 4th gen group (Besides BTS ofc)

    - (G)-IDLE will have more songs with Tomboy level of popularity


    - Babymonster will release a hit song and Asa/Ruka will be the new Karina/Winter. Their success will be very similar to aespa and they're going to battle each other

    - I'll-IT's debut will be on Le Sserafim kind of popularity with a bside going viral

    - SMnewGG will probably not debut

    What do you think abt this?

    ⋆.ೃ࿔*:・。 ゚ ꒰ঌ 🪼✦🌊໒꒱ ༘*.゚⋆。 I just wanna continue my pace ⋆.ೃ࿔*:・。 ゚ ꒰ঌ 🪼✦🌊໒꒱ ༘*.゚⋆。

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