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  • Hey. How are you?

    I have been using the forum for a year now (January was the birthday of my profile on the old forum), usually, I preferred to read more than comment haha

    I think it's a good idea to introduce yourself in the new forum?

    I'm a girl. I live and my name is like this:


    What would be interesting to tell about yourself?

    - I'm a big fan of winter and snow haha. Is it minus 30 Celsius outside? It is perfect! It's time to go for a walk! I really love snow, I really love winter. It's not hard to guess what is my favorite season lol

    - I really love cute emoticons. It seems to me that with them the text always looks better, nicer, and more positive.

    - I really love music and not only K-pop.

    - Once upon a time I studied vocals heh

    - I love online games very much. Overwatch, Perfect World are my favorites

    - In films, anime, games, I like negative characters and villains. Come over to our side of evil, we have cookies hehe

    - My favorite K-pop groups are NU'EST and A.C.E. I used to love 2NE1, but now they are no longer there, so you can say that I am a fan of CL.

    - I don't consider myself beautiful :( But I don't have low self-esteem lol

    - I love animals very much. VERY. LOVE. ANIMALS.

    - I have a Mainecoon cat, two ferrets, Achatina snails, and a rat

    - I like to photograph beautiful places.

    - For all the time that I have been listening to K-pop (since 2011), my one and only bias has always been and remains Aron heh

    - I hope that soon they will add emblems with NU'EST and I will order myself an emblem with Aron lol

    - I have a YouTube channel where I translate K-pop songs into Russian

    - I like working in photoshop and video programs

    - Participated in competitions from the online game "RU Perfect World", where she recorded two songs. Both songs were recorded to PSY music.

    - I like lilies, orchids, red poppies, and cacti

    - In fact, I want to tell a lot, but this will already turn out to be a whole book lol

    I like meeting new people and making acquaintances that grow into friendships.

    Nice to meet you! Let's be friends!

    ed3804055ad9.gif 490476e4dfb1.gif c0b05dbebb4e.gif

    NU'EST2ne1 ♥ A.C.E

    Стремись к своей мечте.

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