• This is a my opinion thread and it could be an appreciation thread too.

    I just wanna say that I find it funny how loud some people are about BP and their "lack of talent"..... So I'm going to give my opinion on why I think BP is a talented group.

    From the oldest to the youngest


    Position lead vocal: she is a good singer with a beautiful vocal tone and she is the most stable in BP performances. She literally eats cds to slay us every time. Just her stability makes her vocal position more than valid. A group should sing live and she is the stability of all of us.

    Position visual: this isn't a talent , buuuut we do have this position as official in kpop so yes :clown: . Her visual position is intact and her visual brings joy, elegance, love and many good things to BP as a whole. She is a beautiful girl with beautiful attitude!! Period.


    Position main rapper: what to say about her? She is amazing and always delivers!! Her flow, tone and attitude on stage is brilliant. She is a great main rapper even though she isn't rapping much now, but she is needed in BP songs!

    Position lead vocal: she sings super good too. I appreciate her vocal tone as I really like it! She delivers sexy and luxurious aura! She is really talented in both positions and period. Nothing to say.


    Position main vocal: I love love love her vocal tone! She has a really beautiful voice and to me she shines the most in BP songs! She really is a good singer with emotion in her voice. I love how she is easily spotted in all songs and how sweet, strong and many more different feelings I can feel listening to her.

    Position lead dance: there isn't much to talk about it. She deserves this title as much as the main vocal one. She is super beautiful dancing. Her dance line screams top quality. I like how different her moves are from Lisa.


    Position main dancer: what to say? She is the ace in BP performances with her amazing stamina. She is super clean in her moves and just pause in whatever second of their dances and you will see how perfect and solid her dance is. She is a natural dancer. Truly talented and professional!

    Position lead rapper: I love how she always deliver her verses and how her mood changes according to the music! She is an amazing lead rapper! She is solid.

    This was long, but my conclusion is: they are talented. Obviously not the most, but arguably the most charismatic as their success speaks a lot for this. They are a great group with solid girls and their positions!

    I'm not trying to make some changes their opinions, I'm just saying mine in why I think they are a talented group.

    BP fighting!!!!


  • Are they any good? I never heard of them.

    SSJ/OT6 comeback waiting room...


  • I... :clown:

    To me they are great kkkk

    I listened to a few songs of them. They're good. My favorites are 'Egotistic' and 'gogobebe'.

  • they are VERY underrated talent wise

    Tbh yes. They are literally so much hated just bc they are the top1 that people really make lies to prove and excuse their hate...

  • To kpoppies local loves talent.. they viral a couple times on Twitter

    I think their most viral moment was their HYLT dance performance being used in the USA election kkkkk

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