Kaku is so hot~~

  • 90149aff885907f5256b5eab4e69757ba31d0c12_hq.jpg


    Okay, I find him much better-looking in this outfit.




    And I love giraffes.


    His giraffe abs though :oops:


    Well... I would go on a castella date with him and then I kiss him on the cheek.

    Okay, I haven't actually watched all of One Piece.

    I did watch some parts of the episodes with Kaku in them, when I was an early teen. (pretty much me watching it with someone, who had watched much more episodes than I had)

    And I remember liking him for some reason. (in a "he's kinda cool" kind of way, not in a "he's so hot~~" kind of way.)

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