"Slave rooms" and organized attacks?

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    Mar 13
    The "slave room"-issue explained (a thread).
    This issue is about a so called "slave room" creating organised attacks and false rumors about multiple groups but mainly TWICE in order to tarnish their reputation for years.

    The main goal was to attack TWICE and JYPE as a company in order to invalidate TWICE's achievements. However other groups were also attacked such as NiziU, SKZ, ITZY, Mamamoo, Oh My Girl, and fromis_9

    A user named "american guy" has been blackmailing people into joining a "slave room" through obtaining their private info. The users had left negative comments about the group that "american guy" likes and he therefor punished them by forcing them to join.

    Users are monitored 24/7 and have to constantly create enough malicious comments and rumors, as well as monitor negative comments about "american guys" favorite group and post positive comments about them. If they fail to participate enough, their private info is leaked.

    Some users are minors, one being shown to be a 5th grader. They had to join the room because if they didn't "american guy" would have them get in trouble with the law due to their hateful comments against the group he likes.

    The users were split into rooms of 10-12 participants to make them easier to monitor. They took turns monitoring the gallery, and posting and tracking down comments. There is an overwhelming amount of users who are elementary school students.

    If they did enough they could get "promoted" and eventually be freed of their chains, but again if they didn't their private information including name, date of birth, and phone numbers would be leaked.

    "american guy" believes that what he is doing is legal as he is the one "punishing the bad guys", however this of course disregards that minors and adults are being blackmailed and idols are being attacked.

    Now to what they have actually done:
    This group has been behind many major controversies.
    Around Fancy era when Sana was wrongly pulled into a controversy due to a mistranslation. They made the issue bigger and spread more lies about her.

    Do you know who were the ones who made sure that hate and rumors blew up so much that Jihyo needed to apologize and write a lengthy letter to ONCE saying that she’s so sick that even medicine can’t help her?

    Actually, not just Jihyo, Nayeon and Sana even needed to write long letters about it. Who made that issue bigger? Who pretended to be fan and harassed the girls on their own channel? Yes these people.

    They’re also believed to be the reason the soccer game FC which included Jihyo and Mina exploded and got cancelled. They also left a lot of malicious comments on DC board and pretended to be Onces blaming Jihyo for pulling Mina into that activity. (this is not yet 100% confirmed)

    They sent hate against Twice’s members relationships pretending to be a fans.

    They sexually harassed Twice’s members, writing thousands of hate/sexual comments about Twice.

    They are the sole reason that rumors spread about JYPE doing sajaegi. As they claimed that TWICE 500k sales was a fraud. (Which some i-fans believed and spread around as well). This issue got so big that Hanteo had to release TWO statements regarding the issue.

    They've been spreading hate about NiziU and created false info about JYPE being a pro-Japanese company. They've also spread plenty of rumors about Rima in particular.

    TW//s*icide They created a fake post about a Once who wanted to commit s*icide at Han’s river if they couldn’t get into the fansign. And said that a member had said “Han’s river is warm today” (using photo as a proof this fake post got Nayeon hate for years)

    They keep spreading hate by bringing these rumors and controversies such as dating up constantly in order to bring Twice hate. Spread hateful articles about OMG's Arin and Mamamoo's Hwasa.

    And the newest one? Recently when Twice were elected as the brand models for Lemona they started harassing the Lemona’s board for stocks saying their sales will go down and they will go bankrupt for using Twice as their models. They also attacked a store in person.

    Articles on the matter: http://newsclaim.co.kr/View.aspx?No=1530566





    (delete please if there is already a thread)

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  • I hope you don't mind that I moved this thread to News, Gossip & Rumors, as it does pertain to news related to K-pop. Users are free to continue the discussion here.

    Oh, no worries. I wasn't sure where to post it, thanks.

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  • Suspicious that Pann Choa, Knetizen, Netizen Buzz, etc choose to translate any old shite some D4 teasers or w/e with 12k views on them meanwhile this huge issue with nearly 200k views on 1 post gets ignored to further their agenda.


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