NCT Dream may not be a 1 hit wonder after all?

  • Saw the charting for their new song and ngl I’m kinda surprised lol. I mean I know they have a lot of fans in Korea but already entering Melon 24 hits in just a few hours is pretty good no? Especially for a boy group and a pre-release at that.

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    A lot of people said Candy only did well because it was already a famous song that was huge back when H.O.T released it but seeing how Broken Melodies is doing, maybe we were too quick to judge. Let’s see how they do in longevity, if they can match Candy then it’s safe to say they are up there with BTS/Seventeen when it comes to charting domestically.

  • why are you surprised, they always chart well, now they're even bigger so their charting even higher/faster. they have always been consistently rising & very well loved by the gp.

    im not even gonna comment on the absurdity of the "candy only did well because its a remake of hot" sentence because be serious for two seconds honestly. it is still charting to this damn day.

    in general i genuinely blame the brand as whole because its like it overshadowed dreams achievements pre-candy era bc how else do we explain you guys dismissing them all the time

    like i tried to tell you all and i got BOO'd

    not u op but to the general public who did, you know who you are. :mad:

    anyway 7dream coming to dominate, yall gonna have to deal with it :pepe-shrug:

    anyway 2, broken melodies is so good song of the year omg kqD2FYaYL7vWshHrv1DGsJ75jv41Af5voy7vs6VI2OEOy5qGilApGgFXLHcIPJxZsqHRRdy18XL78H0ruPi3W6HN16jGoOkoIuj_UaB4jRM-ThaMhxWjGZaHyebCkyZcEM7RrlrOZ-DbfBjHtZUjW58

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  • because the song is good unlike slumming degenerate music made by bts!!!! NCT dream bringing pride and prestige to my glorious south Korea unlike those fable men BTS!!! their new song is so good and I really love it, it has brought great fortune to south Korea and it has only been out for 1 day!!! Unlike BTS whose music has brought Korea's economy DOWN!!!! NCT Dream is the best subunit of N.C.T unlike disgusting music group NCT 127 who make the same slumming music BTS does like demons on this earth!!!! Love NCT DREAM!!!! MY prestigious group of MONEY MAKERS!!!!! Seventeen and BTS! GET RID OF EM!!!!!!!!!

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