Itzy vs nmixx, who's gonna chart higher in their upcoming july comeback?

  • Wow it truly feels like Jyp is trying to sabotage his own gg

    70-80% of NMIXX stan are actually JYP stan so it might impact them to make them comeback around the same time than Itzy who have a bigger fandom

    And in the other hand this day in korea NMIXX is more hot because they just had a top 10 songs with Love me like this, while Itzy last comeback was their biggest flop

    So putting them against each other might steal some of the spotlight itzy had for this cb away in korea

    JYP is really dumb he could have push back NMIXX cb for august

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  • whichever song is better


    let us gather around for the lord’s prayer:

    Nævis we love you. You are the one who protected me when i was in trouble. MY victory, one SYNK DIVE. I know your sacrifices. Let’s meet surely after the resurrection.



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