KPop-idols & JPop-idols who had a job before debuting?

  • Anyone can think of some?

    I had the idea for this thread after I watched a video where a few idols got named who worked jobs before they debuted

    Here are the people I can personaly think of who worked a job before they debuted:


    • Ken (VIXX) - Worked at a burger place
    • Leo (VIXX) - Was in a youth football team, but also competed professionaly in different other sports
    • E-Tion (ONF) - Worked at several restaurants and a donut shop
    • Jinu (WINNER) - Was a delivery man
    • Hongki (FTISLAND) - Worked at a restaurant
    • Kang Daniel - Worked as construction worker
    • Eric Nam - Was a business analyst
    • San (ATEEZ) - Worked on a garlic field
    • Wooyoung (ATEEZ) - Worked at a convenience store and a restaurant
    • Donghun (A.C.E) - Worked at different places like restaurants, computer rooms, convinience stores, as backup dancer,...


    • Fengfan (INI) - Worked at Starbucks
    • Hiromu (INI) - Worked in a pet store
    • Masaya (INI) - Was backup dancer
    • Hiroto (INI) Was backup dancer
    • Takumi (IN) - Was part of a reality TV show
    • Sukai (JO1) - Worked as construction worker
    • Ren (JO1) - Was backup dancer and dance teacher
    • Mame (JO1) - Was dance teacher
    • Hiroomi (Sandaime J Soul Brothers) - Worked as hairdresser, than quit his job to work in a convinience store instead
    • Kenjiro (Sandaime J Soul Brothers) - Worked at McDonalds
    • Yuta (GENERATIONS) - Was dance teacher
    • Kenta (THE RAMPAGE) - Was actor
    • Masahiro (BALLISTK BOYZ) - Was backup dancer
    • Natsuki Sawamoto (FANTASTICS) - Was dance teacher
    • Sekai (EXILE / FANTSTICS) - Worked as stageplay actor
    • Leiya (FANTASTICS) - Worked in a moving company
    • Tetsuya (EXILE / EXILE THE SECOND) - Worked in a company who had to do with farming
    • Hyuga (ENJIN) - Was model before (and still is)

    Do you have some more?

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  • Girl's Day Soojin graduated from studying mechanical engineering and worked several odd jobs and vocal coaching to pay for her debut

    After School Kahi was a backup dancer for a long time before sh

    EXID Solji worked as a vocal coach

    Momoland Jane was an infinite fansite master

    Complex is over-rated, Ill go up higher and shine brighter than anyone else



  • Enhypen Sunghoon was a figure skater.

    Kazuha was a ballet dancer up until last two year I guess.

    Also do you count modelling and cf models?

    Because An Yujin was in a CF before she joined produce48

    TripleS Seo Dahyun is an ost singer before she debuted with tripleS

    Kep1er Yeseo was an child actress her notable work is Miracle in Cell no.7

    StayC Sieun was also an actress, she worked with the main guy cast of All Of Us Are Dead (I forgot his name)

    Idk if you will count izone hitomi, nako, sakura, rocket punch Juri and billlie tsuki since they are a jpop idol before debuting as a kpop idol

    Miyeon is also a small singer (a cafe singer?) Prior debuting with gidle but after she left YG

    Ive's maknae, Leeseo, was a SM kids model

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