[Theqoo​] Koreans adoring Baekhyun's refreshing visual on his new pictorials for BringGreen

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    [Theqoo] Knetz adoring Baekhyun's visual on his newest released BringGreen's pictorials

    - Uhm how to say... he has that boyish vibe and appearance.

    - I'm so freaking jealous of his skin.

    - He looks so refreshing.

    - It's the face of a rookie.

    - I would believe even if you tell me he just debuted now.

    - Why haven't you aged for the past 10 years? Among all the people who are said to have puppy visual, he has the most puppy looking visual.

    - Are you a 02 liner rookie?

    - He suits the brand well, the products of this brand are great.

    - He's working hard, i didn't even know that he came back from the military because he still looks the same.

    - Is this product for a puppy?

    - He looks younger than he actually is.

    - I'm wondering who's aging for Baekhyun? ... his self-case is so dope.

    - How can this be the face of someone who has finished his military service.

    - He looks like Baekhyun from EXO-K era...

    - Now, if he just puts on a red hat, he'll automatically looks like he's from Growl era.

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