TARRIO (Proud Boys , D.C. RIOT) = *Guilty* of SEDITION ; D.C. POLICE Communications ; 2023.05.04

  • https://archive.is/XY8Rn ... <-- (NYTimes)

    Four Proud Boys (TARRIO) Convicted of Sedition
    In Key Jan. 6th Case, the verdict was a blow against the far-right group

    and another milestone in the Justice Department’s prosecution

    of the pro-Trump rioters who stormed the Capitol ; 2023.05.04

    Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio and three lieutenants were found Guilty Thursday of entering a Seditious Conspiracy against the U.S. government that culminated in the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol attack. A fifth Proud Boy was acquitted of that same charge.

    Observation -->

    ENRIQUE TARRIO (Proud Boys) must be fairly *clever* to have

    induced a D.C. POLICE LT. (Rank) Officer (LAMOND) to get

    involved in 'friendly' communication with him (TARRIO).

    See the URL below that reports of the situation.

    https://archive.today/c4kNd ... <-- (Washington Post News Source)

    Texts between D.C. Police and Proud Boys head shown at Jan. 6 Trial.

    (D.C. Police) Lt. Shane Lamond is under *investigation*

    by the *FBI* over his relationship with *Enrique Tarrio* (Proud Boys),

    who faces seditious conspiracy charges ; 2023.04.07

    (Note: TARRIO = Determined Court *Guilty* of SEDITION now)

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