Johnny's to terminate trainee-contracts if the trainee turns 22 years old

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    Today, Johnny & Associates announced on its site that the company is setting an age limit for Johnny’s Jr. The new policy will go into affect on March 31, 2023. From that day forward, if there is no agreement with the company to debut by the March 31 after the trainee reaches the age of 22, his contract with Johnny & Associates will be terminated that day.

    Johnny & Associates explained the reasoning behind this new policy, saying that 22 is the crossroads of life, and it is helping its trainees figure out what direction they want to take in the future. Sometimes, trainees get comfortable in their position as a trainee due to the company’s great environment, instead of growing out of that role. The company also wants to return the Johnny’s Jr. project to its origins as a program where trainees eventually debut as idols, as opposed to staying trainees.

    It should be noted though that Johnny & Associates does have agreements with some Johnny’s Jr. members to keep them as trainees past the time they are supposed to leave the company.

  • So they announce this now but it will start being applied in 2023, it's still far. I'm confused about the statement though, do Johnny's Jr decide when they debut or not? I always thought it's the agency who decides when a new Johnny's group debuts. If the agency refuse to debut them before 22 then what happens? or is it more like they will decide by the age of 22 if the idol is ready to debut or not and if not then they'll be asked to leave, but isn't that weird because some Johnny's Jr groups have members of different ages so will some of them just leave...

    I remember for example for SixTONES it took a really long time for them to debut, I saw them in the drama Bakaleya around 2013 or something and their official debut was only in 2020. I don't think it was their decision to wait so long to debut though...

    well anyway I hope this change isn't a bad thing for the Johnny's Jr. I have a feeling they'll just debut the Johnny's Jr earlier and won't force anyone to leave unless someone is really not ready to debut.

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