What's the darkest family secret you have?

  • My grandparents on my mom's side are both dead allready but back when I was a small kid my grandma and granpa were very cold to eachother, even slept in seperate bedrooms and never spend much time together. I of cause asked as a kid why they were not like other grandparents and they never liked to talk to me about that.

    I just figured out years later what the issue was. My grandma was a doctor with her own office, my grandpa a judge. Both lived in a street full of other snob like people and wanted to keep a "good family image" by not divorcing from eachother for the shit my grandpa did. He betrayed my grandma and she acted up as if she wouldn't notice. Each time my grandpa said he takes his caravan to a 2 week trip to Spain to go "surfing" at the beach, he actually just drove to the next big city, parked in a camping area and than went to some other older women he was secretly meeting.

    Nobody outside the family ever knew about that and as my grandma passed away 5 years ago I was quit forward and wrote a not so nice letter about my family with a card that you send to people when someone passed away to tell them that you actually feel sorry for their los of someone. I never was even in good terms with my grandparents to begin with so telling them after not seeing in ages that I knew about this and that this was also one reason why they bullied my mom (who knew about it before my grandma knew about that. I mean my mom was bullied from my grandpa to not tell my grandma and that made my mom psychic ill over the years)

    well thats the darkest family secret I have

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  • its not really a dark secret but maybe it is
    any fbi agent looking at this i hav nothin 2 do w/ this, i could be making it up u dont know

    they r all passed away now
    i just heard it from the grapevine
    these r all fictional ppl, i made them up in my head not real.
    me listing off all these just in case idfk

    i went to the alcatraz museum a few years back, and there's a section dedicated to the mafia and my grandma just casually tells me mafia crime boss of the new orleans family branch, THE carlos marcello, was buddies with my step great grandpa and they'd hang out from time to time. like i think playing cards n shit.

  • well my uncle was killed a while back, my family just thought since he was into gang activity he was just killed by a rival gang, well turns out that my uncle's brother (my other uncle) killed him, and my grandma (their mom) covered for him because my 2nd uncle was her first born. that was something I learned once I got old enough! wild shit.

  • I don't think there is any secret.

    But one "scandalous" thing I know about someone in my family, who I think was one of my Danish great-grandmothers, was that she had a black wedding dress, because she had a child out of wedlock, I think. (or maybe she was pregnant, while getting married.)

    By the way, the thing about wearing a black wedding dress, when you aren't "pure" was a thing back in the old days. (maybe it was like this in most countries, I can't remember.)

  • My family's dark secrets are really bad lmao.

    Even though I am not associated with that part of my family, I'm not gonna say because I don't want to be judged.

    But, yeah, any of the bad things you can think of going on in the dark of a family has probably happened in mine.

  • Some extended family back home killed each other for money.

    A poor working dad who is somehow related to my grandparents was saving up money for his kids but he became disabled and likely would die soon. He intended to leave most of money to his eldest son who was the responsible one and he'd eventually share out the money to the rest after passing. The younger brothers didn't like it so they killed their dad, stole his money and framed their older brother. The older brother somehow found out and hired some thugs to kill his brothers. The oldest brother stayed in jail, poor and now an only child. We don't know what happened to him but rumours that he was either executed by courts or got released and made a new life.

  • My family used to be shop owners who sold a bit of everything. Furniture, electronics, canned food, etc.

    Turns out how the business started, was that my great grandfather used to send his kids out to steal other people's stuff once they'd left for work and then sell their belongings at his store.

    Funny bit is, this was after the war, so apparently everyone was stealing from everyone, and my grandma and her siblings would sometimes come back with items that genuinely belonged to my great grandpa.

    Wild times. As the story goes, he was never arrested, eventhough this apparently went on for some years.

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