(poll) should SM have changed this?

  • which was better? 3

    1. the original (2) 67%
    2. the rearranged (1) 33%

    i remember chilling out in class, YEARS AGO, and always flipping shit (but trying to stay discreet) when teasers for Taemin's first album would drop

    (btw Drip Drop is underrated ok go watch that mv for eternal happiness)


    i remember listening to the album for the first time, and finally, i listened to the song called "Sexuality".

    there was lots of talk about it bc no one had seen shit like that before especially from SM.

    goddamn was this song HOT AF. it was my fave b-side next to Guess Who, EASILY.

    so i'm like, out here loving the song for a couple of months, until one day, i play it, and it sounds different (aka kinda worse sadly)

    i go to the fucking itunes store and realized they changed it to a "rearranged version" and i'm like ???

    i check all the fucking streaming platforms for the original version? nope. gone. disappeared. left quicker than my dad did to go get the milk.

    they didn't change it back. and everytime i want to listen to the original version, i gotta use some LTE data for youtube or pop in my "Press It" cd :-(

    do you guys agree that the original sounded better?

    (and don't tell me it's the same cause there's a difference)

    "don't let that woman get inside your head my love.... i'll kill her if she does"

    time to die... m!a winters <3

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  • I don't have a problem with it. It deepends the groove a little bit and makes it more interesting over the entire song. The rearranged version is easier to listen to. Taemin can hit either version live which is always nice to mix things up.

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