This month Brave Girls will either disband or continue.

  • Hope they don't disband


    But even if they do disband I will also be happy for them. They had an amazing 2 year extra run that they weren't suppose to have and gave it their all. The money they made should more or less be able to help them for their next part of their career regardless of what they choose to do

    That's how I feel. If nothing else at least we got SOTY Chi Mat Ba Ram and the best Thank You song ever

  • That's how I feel. If nothing else at least we got SOTY Chi Mat Ba Ram and the best Thank You song ever

    I keep seeing people say that Chi Mat Ba Ram didn't do well and I'm like bitch where were you?

    It did pretty well (obviously won't surpass Rollin) and everytime the song play in my head I'm like "YOU KNOW WHAT IT IS THE GIRLS ARE BACK" and I'm like "FK YES THEY ARE BACK WE ARE GONNA BE SUMMER QUEENS YEAH YOU READY YES I'M WE ARE BRAVE GIRLS LAAAAALLALAAAALALALAAAAA"

  • neigl

    what do you think my friend?

    I had 2 great years with them. For the older fearless this was also the best years of their career.

    Last year we got thank you comeback, queendom, US tour, isac, ton of festivals and TV Show apperances and that we're just the bigger acts.

    I was a good runner, a good tank commander and a good kpop fan. i can find a new hobby or get a rope.

    But thinking about the members drives me crazy. They will feel sad and sorry if they get kicked out like this. Without give k-Fearless their promised concert or without comeback for the new international fans they got from queendom... They know how serious the situation is, but cant do anything. They even discussed to rent a place and hold a concert on their own. But its basicly impossible without consent of the company because of copyright issues and staff and so on.

    Brave ent said its difficult to hold a concert for them. Even tho its their job as a entertainment company and they just announced a concert for their boy group in Japan.

    So i have not fully accepted their disbandment. There are still shedules ongoing. Eunji is shoting another TV Show. Yujeong is in 2nd Episode of rustical Island. This time with Kwon eunbi instead of bambam. And there is another variety Show with all members to be aired. But we saw with gfriend that that has nothing to say if the company aint willing to keep them.

  • interesting thanks for the perspective my friend

    do you think that it is more likely than not that the group will disband (or least not all members renew with the same company?)

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