finally i did it

  • so i finally joined online audition at starship and jyp websites

    i practiced like a week - singing scream by boa but then i still struggle to sing certain lyrics but whatever

    i did my best altho recording during rainy day :nob: (still can hear my voice anyway)

    this is a huge step in my life as someone who cares too much abt what others think.i do not even dare to sing in front others usually since some people laughed at me

    weirdly ,i do not really hope to be picked :whatb: yet i wished that would be picked

    i mean i have bad health like backpain ,anxiety and depression plus i am too broke

    anyway ,i am content and proud with myself for making a huge step today... :danceb:

  • Congratulations, it is good to try new things! I am happy for your big step.

    It doesn't matter whether you will be picked or not it is good that you have challenged yourself!

    But I also hope you get picked! :lover3:


    but i am kinda afraid too since it is so uncertain .idk what to expect

    let 's see first :lover3:

  • Congrats! Now tap yourself on the back and say "you've done well''.

    You're already a winner just for trying. Good job. Hope you enjoyed it!

    Bts Suga GIF - Bts Suga ThumbsUp - Discover & Share GIFs

    tapped and feel great :omgr:

    but somehow i feel like i could do better :shyr:

    but i am already exhausted - i guess i should be nicer to myself :whatr:

    i attached one of the tiktok video of me singing .i think it is kinda good plus i get decent amount of likes for that video on insta :happyr:

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