EMORY TATE (Jr.) = Father of ANDREW TATE ; Info

    EMORY TATE (Chess Magazine Article , above PDF) ...

    EMORY TATE = (MILITARY) USA AIR FORCE *Chess Team* (Photo = Year 1987) ...

    (See Page 41 , just past 50% Scroll Down , 'blue color' background for text)

    *** Begin Quote , PDF Article , URL Above ***

    (ANDREW TATE , about his FATHER , EMORY TATE Jr.) -->

    "He (EMORY TATE) was afraid of nothing, even death ...

    He was *AN ALPHA MALE* (to be admired ???) in all respects."

    *** End Quote , PDF Article , URL Above ***

    Observation -->

    WONDER if some kind of EMORY TATE (Father) Profile in *more detail* will be published soon ??? ... Especially about EMORY TATE *relationship*
    with his two Sons , and his Daughter = JANINE = USA Lawyer ...

    Was EMORY TATE an *important* INFLUENCE on son ANDREW TATE ??? ...

    And his SON's *current* 'derogatory' SOCIAL VIEWPOINTS toward women ???

    Did EMORY TATE *RETIRE* (?) from USA AIR FORCE , as *Career* Worker ???

    USA MILITARY Pension for him = Retired Money Payment per Month ??? ...

    It does say ('Mag' Article 'PDF' above URL) that ANDREW TATE was saying
    that his FATHER did teach him about how to KICK BOX ...

    As to just what else (Social Views about Women ???) ...

    that EMORY TATE taught to ANDREW TATE , I would *definitely* be interested.

    EMORY TATE (Father of ANDREW TATE) is Deceased (Year 2015) ...

    And it seems as *difficult* to find out very much ...

    About his *Parental Relationship* (?) with his Two Sons ...

    ANDREW TATE and TRISTAN TATE , who now reside in JAIL in ROMANIA.

    Say just how LONG in duration (date span) that EMORY TATE served

    in the USA AIR FORCE (MILITARY) ??? ... And what exact (date span) YEARS

    that he did that (USA AIR FORCE = MILITARY SERGEANT) ...
    With Career Job there in 'Linguistic Translation' ??? ... Seems as there is
    NOT much information currently (USA News Media) about EMORY TATE Jr.


    JANINE TATE = About *Age 30* in Year 2023 (from Celebrity Gossip).

    TATE Family = L to R = Tristan , Eileen (Mom) , Janine , Andrew , Emory (Dad)

    My *guess* , above *Graduation* Photo date = Year 2013 or 2014 (June).

    ANDREW TATE Loses Appeal (RO JUDGE) = JAIL until March 1st ; 2023.02.01

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