[instiz] Knetz react to aespa hiatus: "does SM want us to leave fandom?", "you f*ckers", "SM planning is amazingly trash"

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    They said that they only recorded but couldn't do any of the song mixes since they are still in the middle of editing.
    They said that all side tracks are good but they still don't know what the title track will be...
    I bet that they still haven't filmed their MV yet....?
    It seems like they filmed their track video for their side songs and their concert VCR too
    So will they only perform their new side tracks at their concert?
    They will start their Japan tour on 3/15 so when the hell are they having a comeback...? They need to make some plans for the comeback at least

    original post: here

    1. Just why is SM acting this way?... They are honestly frustrating

    2. Seriously, does SM want us to leave the fancom?ㅋㅋㅋㅋ their fans are trying to endure so many things..

    3. SM is really... what can we do for them to stop pushing it back?.. no but can they even keep on pushing it back like that?...

    4. I feel like they'll make their comeback on the first day of their concert or a week before

    5. SM..... ^^

    6. Please release the logo soon you f*ckers

    7. Seriously, SM... ^^ but if they don't release a full album will they even be able to perform the songs at their concert....?

    > Nop that's why people are speculating that they might do some pre-releases...

    8. I saw a post saying that they already filmed the M.. so it wasn't true..?!

    > They said they filmed something yesterday so people assumed it was the MV but it wasn't... it was for something else

    9. SM's planning is amazingly trash

    10. I think that they'll do it in a week. They have a concert so I feel like they'll have a comeback

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