Who do you think is the better producer? Min Heejin or Lee Jieun?

  • Who do you think is the better producer? 1

    1. Lee Jieun, from around 2015 (1) 100%
    2. Min Heejin, from around 2007 (0) 0%

    I don't think any female won the producing award from the Grammys or the Brit Awards. I don't have good sources on Japan.

    But in K-O-R-E-A a female did win the Producing Award - Lee Jieun won the Producing Award from Gaon Awards in 2018.

    Min Heejin will win the Producing Award from Gaon this year, but she is not the first female - Lee Jieun did take the honor 5 years ago.

    Min Heejin was involved on developing SNSD, F(x), Shinee, EXO and Red Velvet, but others also contributed and she only produced Shinee mostly, and after some time someone else took over it.

    At SM, she didn't stick to one single act - after an act became successful she moved on to develop another act, a practice she is likely to continue once NewJeans is fully established by end of this year.

    It is likely that Mr. Bang, who is increasingly retreating from day-to-day management work, will make her the executive director or something, giving absolute control over the production of all Hybe idols including BTS.

    I already wrote a few pieces about that possibility. Armies laugh on me but by 2025 she will probably be directing BTS' Yet to Come project, and NJ and whatever she might be debuting next will probably be included in some of its concerts as guests.

    Min Heejin's only regret would be losing the title of the female producer of year award to Lee Jieun.

    Lee Jieun has the shortcoming of developing only one singer, IU.

    Lee Jieun first began producing exclusively on 2015, and she made her singer win Grand Prizes in 2018, 2021 and 2022, and led her to defeat BTS in Korea.

    However, Lee Jieun didn't exclusively devote herself on producing - she went acting, and engaged in behaviors such as traveling to Japan with the actor Lee Jongsuk, robbing the time to maintain her artist's superiority.

    While the producer Lee JIeun's achievements are impressive, she never had any success other than IU, and she doesn't appear to be too hot developing Woods (ChoSeungyeon) who joined IU's company.

    Min Heejin already has an act which charted in the Billboard, and Lee Jieun has none.

    If Min Heejin takes over Hybe's operation as it seems now, I think the gap between Min Heejin and Lee Jieun as producers will be too big for the latter to overcome.


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