The successes of girl groups in Korea in 2022.

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    Circle recently released the year-end charts for 2022. So I summarized a few things.

    Global K-pop Chart 2022 (covers all streaming services including Spotify). Girl groups in the top 20:

    1st IVE - Love Dive, 2nd BLACKPINK - Pink Venom, 5th (G)I-DLE - Tomboy, 6th IVE - Eleven, 7th BLACKPINK - Shut Down, 8th NewJeans - Hype Boy, 9th IVE - After Like, 11th LE SSERAFIM - Fearless, 14th NewJeans - Attention, 17th Red Velvet - Feel My Rhythm, 18th LE SSERAFIM - Antifragile, 19th TWICE - The Feels, 20th Kep1er - Wa Da Da

    CIRCLE CHART - 써클차트
    New Circular Wave.

    Streaming Chart 2022:

    1st IVE - Love Dive, 2nd (G)I-DLE - Tomboy, 6th IVE - Eleven, 13th Red Velvet - Feel My Rhythm, 17th NewJeans - Hype Boy, 19th New Jeans - Attention, 20. WSG Wannabe - Just Like That Moment, 21. IVE - After Like, 23. AESPA - Next Level, 29. LE SSERAFIM - Fearless.

    CIRCLE CHART - 써클차트
    New Circular Wave.

    Digital Chart 2022:

    1st IVE - Love Dive 2nd (G)I-DLE - Tomboy, 6th IVE - Eleven, 11th Red Velvet - Feel My Rhythm, 18th NewJeans - Hype Boy, 19th IVE - After Like, 20 WSG Wannabe - Just Like That Moment, 22 NewJeans - Attention, 25 AESPA - Next Level, 29 LE SSERAFIM - Fearless

    CIRCLE CHART - 써클차트
    New Circular Wave.

    Top 8 Girl Groups Digital Selling in Korea, Score:

    1. IVE 1858,343,353

    2. (G)I-DLE 1275,591,542

    3. NewJeans 1219,454,722

    4. AESPA 1208,630,843

    5. WSG Wannabe 977,936,784

    6. BLACKPINK 715,858,981

    7. Red Velvet 632,826,673

    8. LE SSERAFIM 621,366,488

    LE SSERAFIM are represented with two songs, all other groups with three songs.

    Album sales in Korea (As of January 1st, 2023):

    Total album sales in Korea by groups that sold over 1 million albums in 2022.

    Altogether there are nine boy groups and ten girl groups.

    Of these, 12 groups are of the 4th and 7 of the 3rd generation.

    The girl groups of the 4th gen have the largest share with seven.

    As in the last few years, there is a bunch of a boy band quartet that clearly sets itself apart from the other groups.

    However, Stray Kids are among those who bowled NCT 127 out of that circle.

    It is unique that four girl groups made it into the top 10.

    It is also unique that (in addition to the GP 999 group Kep1er) three groups of small labels belong to it, these are IVE, ATTEEZ and (G)I-DLE.

    5.5 to 6.1 million album sales: 1st BTS, 2nd Stray Kids, 3rd NCT Dream, 4th Seventeen

    2.7 to 2.85 million album sales: 5th BLACKPINK, 6th TXT, 7th IVE, 8th ENHYPEN

    2 to 2.3 million album sales: 9th Red Velvet, 10th ITZY, 11th NCT 127, 12th AESPA, 13th TWICE

    1.5 to 1 million album sales: 14th TREASURE, 15th LE SSERAFIM, 16th ATEEZ, 17th (G)I-DLE, 18th NMIXX, 19th Kep1er

    And NewJeans set a new Korean debut record with 789,111 sales (including veverse version) of their New Jeans EP.

    NewJeans - Wikipedia

    Korean Awards 2022 including Golden Disk Awards: 1.IVE 26 (incl 4 Daesang) 2.(G)I-DLE 11, 3. 9 each NewJeans (incl 1 Daesang) & LE SSERAFIM (Including international awards like China awards, MTV awards... BLACKPINK would be number 2.)

    Music Show Wins 2022: 1. IVE 30, 2. (G)I-DLE 19, 3. BLACKPINK 17

  • GGs now have album sales too and now they have fandoms to tour too

    Gp recognition, cfs etc.

    Simple they release good songs which public can relate to. And are easy on ears. Gg domination globally now.

  • For me, the mega strong rise of (G)I-DLE is a big surprise. Soyeon deservedly won the Best Songwriter award at the 2022 Melon Music Awards.

    I'm also pleased that Red Velvet have stepped out of the shadows of TWICE and BLACKPINK. Her new album The ReVe Festival 2022 – Birthday will surpass the millions in sales.

    NewJeans will certainly achieve this with DITTO.

    I mean, this year rookie girl groups won't dominate, but it will be even more balanced between boy and girl groups. TripleS and Babymonster should hit hard.

    Some groups like STAYC, NMIXX and Kep1er can gain a lot with good music productions.

    I hope that Billlie, VIVIZ and Fromis_9, among others, should do the same. Hopefully, WJSN will continue to stand their ground.

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