ANDREW TATE *Loses* RO Court Appeal (#2) against Asset Seizures ; 2023.01.11

    Observation -->

    So , the TATE Brothers have *lost* TWO COURT APPEALS = JUDGE Decisions:

    (1) The TATE Brothers will Remain in ROMANIA JAIL until at least Feb. 1, 2023 ...

    ... And their JAIL duration *might* be RO COURT EXTENDED until July 1, 2023.

    (2) The TATE Brothers *ASSETS* (Vehicles , Land = Property) can be

    ... SEIZED by DIICOT (RO Special Police) as their CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION

    ... of the TATE Brothers concerning HUMAN TRAFFICKING and RAPE proceeds. .=.

    ANDREW TATE : Romanian Police = fresh raids as seven homes searched.

    Prosecutors confirmed searches were carried out across Bucharest ; 2023.01.12

    Speculation -->

    It would *seem* that DIICOT (RO Special Police) are (future) building

    a potential RO COURT CASE = CRIMINAL TRIAL (???) against the TATE Brothers.

    Which , my *guess* , means that the TATE Brothers are NOT likely

    to be RO JAIL RELEASED any time soon ... The RO JUDGE has stated *openly*

    that HE regards the TATE Brothers as a FLIGHT RISK (to flee ROMANIA).

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    So , (TATE) terms = (TATE) a 'Brokie' now ...

    I would NOT want to be the TATE Brothers at this point ...

    NOW , whatever *ASSETS* (Net Worth = Wealth) that they have it

    that is located in ROMANIA = Can be *Attached* (SEIZED)

    by DIICOT (Romania Special Police).

    I would *guess* that DIICOT has convinced the RO JUDGE

    that they (RO POLICE + PROSECUTORS) *already* have enough

    EVIDENCE (*Complaints* = Female webcam *Victim* Statements)

    to 'bring' a (future) FULL CRIMINAL TRIAL of the TATE Brothers.

    And , the TATE Brothers are *NOT* ROMANIA Citizens (importantly).

    Instead, the TATE Brothers are as *GLOBAL* 'Dirt Bags' now.


    I would *guess* that RO PROSECUTORS are *looking* to get

    *Statements* from the *2 Helper Women* ('Angel' GFs)

    of the TATE Brothers , that you see *cuffed* with them in Photos.

    In other words , to 'flip' them to RO Court Testify

    *against* the TATE Brothers = *LESS* punishment for the ex-GFs.


    In front of the (TATE Brothers) Millionaire Adult Webcam Businessmen

    were the so-called 'Tate's Angels' in handcuffs (PHOTO) ; 2023.01.10

    (1) Former (ROMANIA) Policewomen Luana Radu (far left)

    (2) And Georgiana Naghel (second left), Andrew's alleged girlfriend.


    I would *guess* that RO PROSECUTORS are *looking* at

    doing some kind of (future) GUILTY PLEA for the TATE Brothers.

    Where the TATE Brothers do some RO PRISON time as a result.

    NO IDEA here on RO PRISON duration about this = *5 YEARS* ???

    The RO PRISON punishment *maximum* for HUMAN TRAFFICKING

    and RAPE as GUILTY = *10 YEARS* RO PRISON.

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