Anime: do you prefer sub or dub?

  • depend
    I like both dub and sub
    there is a reason Why I like to download now dual audio
    and perfect example
    definitely I prefer english voice or dub of Dragon Ball series
    than SUB (Japanese Audio) hate childish Goku voice

  • Used to be subs all the way but in the last what 6 7 years dubs have gotten really good and produced with very quick turnaround time, in some cases maybe a few days after Japanese release. So I honestly don't mind either nowadays.

  • depend but mostly if not all 90s anime

    I prefer it dub

    while the new releases or remake
    I want it sub

    w some exception like
    Gintama I want it on our dub language for comedic purpose

    but if their is a 3rd choice
    dual both sub and dub
    I buy or download some dual language anime

  • I prefer anime with sub, dub is more of a hit or break for me. I don't mind dub if I watch the anime dub first and the voice actors for the characters match their personality.

  • Most of the time I prefer dub, but waiting for dub is..... || In that case I go for the sub!! So, yeah I prefer both sub and dub. But if the voice casting of dub is good and available, dub is my first priority.

  • It depends on the context. I'd mostly go for sub but there was this one that portrayed people in america just totally speaking japanese. I preferred the dub for that one.

    There was another set in ancient china and it was amazing how butchered some Chinese names were. They even referred to wei qi as Go and I am just wondering like------- would they call wu zi qi connect 5? would have loved a chinese dub for that one.

    Otherwise, no, sub is fine.

  • Started watching anime dubbed, but turned to subbed because dubbed anime was way behind at the time. I am used to watching subbed now, I don't think I could go back to dubbed,

  • Usually sub, partially because I prefer watching everything with subtitles, including anything in English!

    Though very rarely there'll be one that I watch with subs, where Gurren Lagann was one, for Kamina...

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