[PLEASE INVEST - DONATIONS WELCOMED!] Offering Forum Services For Akorns

  • Akorns Services

    What is the goal of this position?

    My goal in this position is to collect as many Akorns as possible to help the ‘FIVE STAR MICHELINS’ guild to commission a GIF badge.

    What services do I offer?

    - Streaming music as per request

    - Reviewing songs given as per request

    - Answering random non-educational questions when possible

    - Offering life advice

    - Writing a short story or poem.

    Any reasonable request is welcome as long as it does not cross any forum rules!

    What is the price of the services?

    I will negotiate prices based on requests. I will negotiate based on first price offered by the requester!

    Stances on donation?

    I appreciate donations and tips but they are not mandatory

  • Review EXO albums if you can in depth, like production, lyrics, vocals, rap, every technical aspect, theme analysis, it should be critical as well, what part would you add or reduce. I think you can do it. I'll give you 1K akorns for the whole discography including Solo/sub-unit albums. Deal?

    Is this their album discography? I tried to list all of their albums.

    1. MAMA, The First Mini-Album

    2. Miracles In December

    3. The 2nd Mini Album ‘Overdose’ EP

    4. XOXO

    5. EXODUS

    6. Love Me Right (Including Repack Tracks)

    7. Sing For You

    8. EXACT (Including Repack Tracks)

    9. For Life

    10. The War

    11. Universe

    12. Countdown

    13. Don’t Mess Up My Tempo

    14. Obsession

    15. @@@c1bdf968-d0d4-4f4a-bada-eb4f0ff04dab@@@

    16. Delight

    17. KAI - The First Album

    18. GIRLS

    19. Blooming Days

    20. MAGIC

    21. 1 Billion Views

    22. Self Portait

    If this was all included I'm estimating that I would be reviewing over 150+ tracks.

    Are singles also included? Do you have any priority albums.

    For the price, I’d rather have a price for every album because completing everything would take an extremely long time and by then, the guild may probably already have reached the goal akorns.

    Instead, if we agreed on a set price per album and albums that have a priority, that would be better.

    I’ll leave the album prices up to you.

  • You already must have done City Lights by Baekhyun you said that long time ago. So, excluding that,

    I have 1300 akorns, I don't care about single one of them, So I guess you will get all of them. Per album akorn is hard since I have only 1.3K+ akorns only, so 100 Akorns per album is just not possible.


    I will list down Repacks because they include the original album tracks + few repack tracks and some things to keep in mind

    1. Growl repackage contains all songs from XOXO.

    2. Love Me Right contains all songs from EXODUS + Few Repack tracks.

    3. Lotto contains all songs from EX'ACT + Few repack tracks, don't review remixes included in any album. No need of it, it will just waste your time.

    4. Tricky thing with The War album is that On Spotify, The War and its repack "The Power Of Music" are separted for no reason. So treat this album as One album only.

    5. Love Shot (Yes, its the name of repackage also) contains all songs from Don't Mess Up My Tempo + Few repack tracks.

    6. For Countdown album, Remove Japanese version of Lightsaber and Love Me Right. Ignore it, they are the same as Korean version. There isn't a significant change in melody,production etc.

    7. I think 1300+ is less in comparison to the amount of work you will be doing, I will post more threads to increase the akorn count to give you more for all the work you will be doing.

    8. I wonder if you can do Lay and Chen's albums because that would increase the no. Of tracks and it will take you as long,

    His albums are Lose Control, Sheep, Honey, LIT, Producer, Namanana, Winter Special Gift.

    Chen has only two albums 1) April and a Flower 2) Dear my Dear

    Look, if you can't do all the albums from Lay, Do 1) Lit 2) Namanana 3) Sheep

    EXO-SC has two albums

    1) What A Life

    2) 1 Billion Views

    For singles and OSTs,

    Do this if you can,

    1. Dancing King by EXO

    2. Everytime by Chen and Punch

    3. Stay With Me by Chanyeol

    4. My Love by Baekhyun

    5. Minimal Warm by Chanyeol

    6. You by Xiumin

    7. That's Okay by D.O

    8. Tell Me What is love by D.O

    9. Dinner by Suho

    10. Paper Cuts by EXO-CBX

    11. Someone like you by EXO-CBX

    12. We Young by EXO-CBX

    That wraps up EXO's discography. I don't want to give you too much to do although you HAVE TOO much to do already.

    If you have anything to ask, Ask me anytime.

    Thanks for taking my offer into consideration.

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