Tell me why you hate a K-pop company here

  • I'll start

    I hate MLD for sexualising the then-minor members in Momoland and not putting safety shorts on either of them while the rest of the members had them, while giving them the tiniest shorts which were often a size too small because the girls were curvier than the other members

    It was so clear why the company did that and who they were trying to appeal to

    I also hate them for what they did to Yeonwoo, she was an acting trainee that they suddenly told she would become an idol instead because they found her pretty, she had no confidence in her skills and didn't think she was talented or a good fit, she worked extremely hard and had a big improvement, her dancing and performing got a lot better and her vocals improved and she was much more stable and you could tell she was working hard on training and they took her out of the group without her consent and against her wishes so they could cash in on the popularity she got in acting

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  • I hate JYP for mistreating Got7 so much, telling them they don't know their own sound, telling Momo to lose so much weight in so little time or she could not debut, sexualizing Tzuyu, being rude to people doing his dance challenge, almost not debuting Felix and Lee Know and probably a bunch of other crap I'm forgetting. And don't even get me started on my burning hatred for YG.

  • RBWdumb the most retarded company in the whole Korea, not even able to put eng subs, not even able to manage the schedule of its artists, not even able to update the content correctly on social networks. They make YG look like the best company in comparison.

    JYP, i never liked this company they do not know how to work and their artistic direction is close to absolute nothingness. Everyday i wish ITZY leave this trash company it's the only group from JYP that I have ever stan, I will never follow a group from this company again and there is also this dirty narcissistic cockroach that disgusts me in this company.

  • telling Momo to lose so much weight in so little time or she could not debut

    Hmm...for this one, I don't think that she ever deliberately said that they told her to lose a lot of weight but I think she said she felt pressured to lose a lot of weight, especially because she was chosen to be a main dancer of Twice, and put herself on a diet of eating only ice cubes for a certain amount of time.

    But I think that's true for all trainees, unfortunately. Trainees have a weight evaluation where they would tell you to lose weight based on where you're at. Unfortunately, it was a big factor of debuting and even if they were previously at healthy weights, they would put themselves through great lengths or be told to go on harsh diets to make them as skinny as possible.

  • lets spill some tea... :pepe-tea:


    - all the scandals (I think they are rotten to the core)

    - bad comeback management (always promising shit and postponing afterwards)


    - dont like their music

    - j. y. park is creepy as hell and always talked about singing techniques in kpop star but their idols (and he himself) arent really great singers (especially when they debut, some even later)

    ts ent:

    - not paying their idols properly

    - poor management


    - poor management

    - writing songs for other idol groups but not his own

    pascal: (company of stellar)

    - forcing the stellar members into an overly sexy concept they felt uncomfortable with and causing mental damage

    media line:

    - mistreatment and abuse against the east light members

    stardom ent: (former agency of block b)

    - not paying their idols

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