Welcome to the new allkpop forums!

  • Welcome to the new allkpop forums!

    I would like to proudly announce that after weeks of hard work, we are finally able to present to you our new forums.

    Here's a quick overview of the changes from our previous forums in a nutshell!

    *Introduction of the Akorn currency system

    *Introduction of the Anon section!

    *The Arcade section

    *Upgraded Guilds Forum

    *Different/New Forums - There has been a revision of the sections on allkpop, the main ones you need to know are...

    *Change Style Option

    *Revision of the rules - The team at allkpop have come to a conclusion that we must not limit freedom of speech within reason, and revised the rules to fit a more reasonable standard of discussion. You can check up on the full set of rules here Forum Rules

    A quick overview of rules below!

    We will be updating the forums regularly with more features and invite you all to provide suggestions and feedback. Any questions leave them below!

  • Why doesn't the profile menu work?

    In dark mode, you can't see what you're typing in the typing box. No idea, if you knew already but I'll say it anyway

    Hey thank you for your feedback, there are a few technical errors upon launch we are working on them right now!

  • Hey thank you for your feedback, there are a few technical errors upon launch we are working on them right now!

    I opened the list of people who 'reacted' to this post on my phone, it filled the whole screen and I couldn't click somewhere else to exit and had to use the back key to get out... two times.

    "Overspending on my pens, that are more in number... than your fans" :cool: - Cypher 2.


  • We will be going by a first in first served basis, but if you are the op thread you must update or another user may request to take it over, we are not sure on the timeframe of that yet and will update these details at a later time, thank you.

    are we able to request them now?

  • ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    please go back to the way it was!!!!

    TF is this...with all due respect

    <3   <3

    Edited once, last by fanstanchan: an hour has passed... and i'm finally happy with my new aesthetic. as previously mentioned go dark theme....and find a dp and signature that matches the dark theme AS I DID! NOW I LOVE IT! ().

  • what's the difference between k-lounge, k-pop music and news & gossip? Like, how do I know the content I want to post will be on the right section

    Cause right now they are a mess full of random threads lmao

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