4 Allkpop's Hot Topics

  • This month, we have a variety of hot topics. Let's take a look at them.

    Crush's accusations revolve around him being allegedly racist. This accusation came to be after a video of Crush skipping to darker fans with the claim that he was being racist quickly spread over the internet.

    Regardless of what the reality turns out to be. I think this can serve as an example of making sure we're respecting both sides until the truth comes out. Situations like these can definitely be sensitive for some people, and throwing around insults and accusations carelessly is never okay.

    We also a controversy over plagiarism. It was noted a little while back that apart of the choreography for Zico's song 'New Thing' was almost identical to a move in their song 'Say My Name'. This obviously caused a bit of heat among ATINYs and the choreographer of the song for 'New Thing'

    On a lighter note, this past week, many ARMYs have been excitedly anticipating BTS' concert.


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