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  • I notice that in tumblr kpop stan so psychologist

    She have done many idols :wow:

    Wonyoung Virgo ♍️
    This girl looks and sounds like a giant baby but people are underestimated her, she is really brilliant and intelligent but she loves to suprise people and get praised by her sudden knowlegde. She Plays along with it being the little child that everyone adored but she is actually a genius. She is not thinking about dating boys yet.
    Yujin Virgo ♍️
    At first she may be seem shy but she is a go getter when it comes to her passion and work. She is someone who find it difficult when life has changes for her. She rather live forever in the moment. She is someone who is busy and always active. She doesnt want to as a lazy person so she kinda pushed herself to be active. This person is not dating.
    Yuri Libra ♎️
    someone who embraces her feminime, sociable classy and passionate. Someone who takes effort about her appearances. She can charm anyone. She may feel sometimes the need to compare others with herself but its just that the she is really focusing on how to be perfect and with her appearances. Got dating history with someone but now she is single.
    Hitomi libra ♎️
    She is a talkactive person who loves to talk about alot of topics and to talk about deep information. Sometimes accidantly gossip is just that she loves tea. Got no bad intention but she just loves talking. This person cares alot about her appearances. Also the mindset to compare herself with others that it became an obsession with her own appearances. Feeling a bit down and depressed how she certain look. But She is someone who is very charming and elegant. Something about her makes you wanna smile. She is not dating.
    Nako Gemini ♊️
    Social butterfly and someone who loves to prank and tease her closeones. Sometimes she kinda feel people misunderstood her jokes and take it sometimes serious. And scolded her. She feels sad and hurt when it comes to that because she is really a funny lovely person with good intentions. Is how she express her herself. She only is having fun but she dont know if the person have a bad or good day. So it is not her fault to not know… also Nako is energetic and dont like to be left alone or or be lonely. Fear that people dont notice her anymore. Not in a relationship.

    Minju Aquarius ♒️ she is strongwilled and very active, she wants to be fit and sportive to be healthy. She is really good taking care of herself and also others. She can act as a motherly figure sometimes cus she is so good at nuthering other and can win easily a argument like how our mothers does. Good communication skills. So she can convince others to let her take care of things on her own and let her take care of you. I sense she maybe have a date these days but not in a commitment yet. Idol yes!

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