Hopes for “Kyujin & Friends” (aka NMIXX) in the Future?

  • If they want their mix-pop concept how about:

    1st part of the song focus on dance the 2nd part focus on vocals before finishing up with dance again. That way they make use of the other members with stronger vocal talents and not just waste it on this weird dance showcase in their MV.

    That’s not a bad idea either. And it’s still a mix!


    ...wasn’t Tank something like that? Dance, Vocals, Dance?

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  • how is Bae getting more spotlight in Dice? She barely has any long line and most of them are shouting /talking short lines. In O.O at least she showcased her vocal ability with better vocal lines. In Dice, none of the vocalist really get much spotlight except Sullyoon

    I barely saw Bae and didn't she got like 5s proper lines and some shooting here and there

    i mean if you're referring to her screentime in the mv, yeah sure she definitely disappear most of the time. however, i feel like her voice adds a unique flavor to their song because its so easily distinguishable ( at least for me ). i agree that she does not have her own verse, rap or adlibs but her voice enhances certain parts such as 'are you ready' or 'lets roll the dice'. i instantly knew BAE's voice when she's singing.

    also i was actually referring to her vocal parts in the bside. she shines so much with her vocal. she got only a verse and a chorus part but honestly that is certainly enough especially in a 7-membered group. she will definitely be pushed more if jyp wants to. for now, i'd say that currently she gravitate me in knowing her more, and its kinda ironic since i think she's kind of a filler member during O.O era ( sorry BAE stans i repent already :finger-heart: )

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