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    New Subforum:

    some of you of are aware, a new sub-forum was recently introduced. Known as 'New Around Here?', it is a sub-forum dedicated to getting new users warmed up to the forum and nature of it. This includes ice-breaker threads as well as threads that allow users to dive into talking about small details that can help them click with other users. Not only that, but it's all double the akorns all the time!

    You can check out the new subforum here:

    New Around Here?

    User Groups:

    Additionally, Allkpop also recently added a new (extremely convenient) feature to tag users. User groups allow users to easily tag an entire fandom- minus the confusing taglist. Users also have the ability to leave and join the group as they please, which means less of a hassle for taglist OPs, and less reminding on users' side.

    You can take a look at the current available taglists using this link:


    Or you can find them here:

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