RE: Why do K-pop fans say that BTS only grew popular in the west because they promoted there?

  • Someone tell me why this was in anons... Anyone?

    Fine, I'll get the akorns for it. But I agree that BTS have only ever followed demand. This whole "western validation" spin was always overblown bullshit by kpop fans trying to spin things YET again.

  • Though I didn't stan BTS until dyna, I knew/heard about them for a while, and I am pretty sure I saw their concert hall while going to Chicago when I was younger. Was very busy lol

    And they are pretty relevant here lol, my french teacher is most probably an army, and my science teacher put them in a game of listen to the song and guess the artist(she only used really popular ones cus for some reason some of the classes's music knowledge was very limited lol).

    Unfortunately, I couldn't get extra points for my team for writing all the member's names down ;(

  • People forget BTS only ever officially started promoting in the west in late 2017/early 2018.

    By than they had NEVER released on a friday and were not signed to columbia (which was just a distribution deal anyway, where they didn't even do much until dynamite) until early 2018.

    Before they ever had that deal they had FIVE entries on the Billboard 200 including a Top 10 with LY HER, despite it not having physicals first week and being released on a monday. To this day no album except BTS's own have charted longer than LY HER on the billboard 200.

    BTS's first Hot 100 entry was also before their first performances (NOV 2017)/signing to columbia (early 2018) again with DNA charting with around 4 days of tracking due to it being a monday release.

    Once BTS released on a friday... they got a #1 on the BB200 and a Top 10 on the Hot 100 (with little playlisting where FL was only added to big playlists like TTH on it's 2nd week of release and that too only in the 40-50s of TTH).

    From there, their demand only grew, but it still to this day shocks they only ever got the proper push they should have been getting in 2020. (so for that i have to say FCK COLUMBIA). Hell the first time BTS ever released midnight ET was in 2020. Reminder that they were playing US stadiums in 2019... and had around 15-16 stadiums sold out in the US (around 700-800k tickets) for MOTS Tour before covid happened... Again all before Dynamite as well.

    BTS have only ever followed their demand, it took them ages to actually act on it at the beginning.

  • There's was demand first I remember they were really famous during kcon.

    BTS’ first U.S. festival performance isn’t just a historic moment for what eventually came for the Korean superstars. If you were attending the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena, you could feel an energy shift when BTS hit the stage. Billboard noted then that “BTS might have been the newest artist on the bill, but the huge crowd reaction could have made you think otherwise…we wouldn’t be surprised to see a U.S. tour announced soon.” Not only did the group announce a U.S. tour within a year, but touring the States would become a significant part of what created the band’s massive Stateside success.

    10 Greatest Moments in KCON History So Far
    From BTS’ first festival to legends like Quincy Jones and Missy Elliott appearing, look back at a decade of America’s biggest festival for honoring Korean pop…

    >>> 2022.06.10 <<<IMG-4283.jpg

  • Werent they also the first Korean act to make profits from their American tour? I remember American media talking about it

    And this also goes to show how kpop acts especially from big 3 were highly mediaplayed to be successful in the US when they weren’t

  • Beacuse a lot of kpop fans are real live haters. They spend half their time lying about their own fave's achievements the other half of their time lying about and downplaying another group's achievements.

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