She's (Somin) the only one trying to get out of the April scandal


    If you look at the expose posts, she drove a wedge between (Hyunjoo) and Chaewon and she was also the one leading the bullying
    Because Somin withdrew from the group, Lee Naeun and Jinsol became the main leader (of the bullying)...


    "1. Former April member Somin hated Hyunjoo and started bullying her.
    2. Chaewon then relayed things Hyunjoo didn’t say to Somin in hopes to make friends with Somin.
    3. Hyunjoo finds her tumbler which was a gift from her grandmother in the company’s fridge. Turns out Naeun put Chungookjang in her tumbler and left it in the fridge for months.
    4. Naeun took Hyunjoo’s sneakers and claimed it was hers. She didn’t apologize after Hyunjoo proved it was actually hers by showing her name on the shoe.
    5. Members said “This b* is trying to make her face look smaller again” behind her back right before recording.
    6. Yena and Jinsol continuously picked on her, tripping her up and stepping on her feet.
    7. Chaewon was in a relationship with the group’s manager. So the manager turned a blind eye to what was happening.
    8. After Hyunjoo attempted suicide, the company said the members were reflecting on themselves so Hyunjoo and her mom visited the company. Members met them but ignored them and laughed with each other." Cr: Asianjunkie

    "Of course, the leaders were Jun Somin, Chaewon."

    "By the way, ex-April member and KARD member Jun Somin was the first one leading the Hyunjoo buylling and made her an outcast. Afterwards, the members who took the lead: Lee Naeun, Lee Jinsol

    Currently, Jun Somin is promoting with KARD and doing her YT channel"

    She even uploaded on her YT channel recently
    She updated her Insta feed too. She's washing off her mouth and pretending like nothing happened
    There are also less articles about her and I'm so furious...

    She's the kid who started the whole bullying

    Jun Somin, withdraw from KARD

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    1. [+234, -6]
    She's a failed idol that nobody has ever seen or heard of so people probably don't care about her..

    2. [+211, 0]
    She's the one who started the bullying but she's trying to escape like a mudfish

    3. [+186, -1]
    But she seriously looks so spiteful. It's my first time feeling threatened by a journalist's picture.

    4. [+67, -1]
    They said that there is bad relationship in her group even now
    "(11 months ago) The fans are trying their best to pretend like nothing is happening by closing their eyes and burying their heads but... is she spreading the plate(?)....... no but how can these two not even talk to each other once in their dance video, this is seriously weird..???? Seriously, are they uploading this because they don't find it weird.....??ㅠ"

    5. [+55, 0]
    Jun Somin's current relationship with KARD's Jiwoo is bad/so-so. This person doesn't change. She's pulling off this BS even after debuting in a different group;;
    "(11 months ago)

    + 384: To be honest, is wishing that Somin and Jiwoo work harder too much to ask for? Every time they upload a new video, I'm so nervous and start feeling conscious. Even if the company doesn't intervene, this is something that they can edit and manage just fine. I feel like they are letting go of this problem.

    +76: I agree, it makes me sad that Korean and foreign fans are happy with just seeing occasionally videos of them talking to each other or looking at each other smilingㅠㅠ ...."

    6. [+47, 0]
    Let's not forget

  • clearly there's a reason she never was and never will be more than a nugu

    lol i thought people already why so many try to become idols, knowing they have only 98% chance of "making it"

    idol status automatically raises their sexual value and they can live off from sponsors. its like what western women do as instagram celebrities

  • lol i thought people already why so many try to become idols, knowing they have only 98% chance of "making it"

    idol status automatically raises their sexual value and they can live off from sponsors. its like what western women do as instagram celebrities

    i doubt somebody like somin was banking on sponsors considering she went through a survival show into debuting with two different idol groups during her search for fame.. she would have just stuck it out with april

    also instagram celebrities actually need to be marketable in order for brands to reach out to them to create a steady income lol gathering sugar parents (or "business partners") by selling sex appeal is a very short term way of making money but i get your point

  • All her brother said is that Somin didn't like her and the other girl started doing shit to try to get into Somin's favor and then she left. Her relationship with Jiwoo has literally nothing to do with this either.

    Again YOU ARE NOT OBLIGATED TO BE FRIENDS WITH THE PEOPLE YOU WORK WITH. As long as you show up and do your job properly, it doesn't matter if you like a person or not.

    Fr, idk if I'm trippin but wtf did she do exactly? Everyone else's accusations are so specific, but hers is just "she started the bullying". How exactly?

    N Ξ O C I T Y


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