• After the recently leaked boss art for FromSoft’s latest “Soulsborne” title, an artist who worked on the still-singular trailer has released Elden Ring concept art.

    Gabriel Björk Stiernström is a concept artist who worked at Digic Studios, a studio tasked with working on the Elden Ring announcement trailer. The studio also recently uploaded their portions of the trailer to their YouTube channel.

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    He posted his works with the project to his Artstation, and also took to Reddit to clarify that although he produced keyframes for the trailer, he hadn’t worked on the game itself, and could not say anything about it as a result.


    "I worked on the ‘E3 2019 Announcement Trailer’ of Elden Ring and these keyframes and concepts are just a selection of the work I did for the trailer, because I’d like to share some of the work that I am proud of. I have not worked on the game itself”, he clarifies.

    He also made sure to point out that in his case, the art was more about setting the mood for the trailer rather than designing any of the characters seen there.




    “Most of these [artworks] were made for internal discussion at Digic Pictures between the Art Director, Director, Producer and Leads. When they were happy with something they would then share those concepts with the client. In the end FromSoftware would more or less provide us with most of the concept art in any case”, he says.

    Sternstrom understood the gravity of posting Elden Ring concept art to the r/Eldenring subreddit, infamous on the Internet for the long silence since Elden Ring’s announcement in 2019. As a result, her urged fans not to use his work as the bases for any new grand Elden Ring theories.

    “You can read into the concept art as much as you like, but I really have no knowledge of the game”, he clairifies.

    It should be noted that unlike the last concept art reveal, this isn’t a leak. Digic Productions themselves have posted up their showreel of their involvement with the project, meaning that any NDA barring the studio from talking about Elden Ring has likely lapsed.

    Redditors have asked Sternstrom as much in the Reddit thread where he posted these, however as of writing he hasn’t commented on the matter. Considering he’s using his real name and Artstation though, it seems likely.

    Source: GamerBraves

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