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    Analyze this. Diss towards current generations. Bet you didn't know about it!!!!

    Fun Fact :- "Mama" means "Your Majesty" in Korean.

  • "They forgot how to love

    And lost their heart to care

    They’re busy living with their backs turned"

    "The mask of anonymity hides

    The jealous eye filled with murderous intent

    Though they see the end, they're still hungry

    Now are you satisfied?"

    "Why won't we look each other in the eye anymore?

    Why won’t we communicate? Why won't we love?"

    From my understanding, EXO is basically asking MAMA = your majest (a higher being;power; a god?) why society has become so dark since the age of technology + social media. The "mask of anonymity hides" represents users behind the computer screen who only know how to hurt and fight with each other. What happened to talking to each other and communicating face to face. Has the anonymity made people become so heartless in the way they treat other human beings? Your majesty (a god), have people always been like this?

    Has there even been
    A beautiful time before?

    I find it cool how the meaning behind the song is tied with exo's concept. EXO are essentially "aliens" who came from another planet and when they came to earth, they discovered how society really is on here....

    2x Don't Fight The Feeling and Stan EXO 2x

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  • Yep.

  • Yeah it's a gem. Both Sonically and lyrically (some people prefer lyrics more).a

    A really good song. It gives me like a REALLY classic song feeling. That's not how I picture retro lmao. I thought that Mama meant like "mama" in Korean but that "eomma" so I didn't know what to think lmao.

    💕💗💖 Loving your energy, feeling the synergy 💖💗💕

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