Per Forbes, companies are trying to leave Kakao M and searching for a new distributor

  • It sounds like per Forbes that agencies are trying to cut ties with Kakao M. I mean Spotify still have BTS and Big 3 artists. Kakao M needs to work with Spotify on a new deal soon. What do you think about this situation?

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  • They may go to YGPlus. They already have deals with YG, AXIS and Big Hit Labels.

    It was also just announced yesterday that YGPlus was chosen by the International Music Industry Association to become the code manager in Korea.

    This is the code assigned internationally to recordings that you need if you want your music distributed and get paid for it.

    They go to YGPlus in Korea for this now

    Money Today

    YG PLUS, selected as a record code manager by the International Music Industry Association

    Input 2021.03.02. 10:31 am Revision 2021.03.02. 10:32 am

    Reporter Kim Geon-woo
    [Money Today Reporter Gunwoo Kim]

    YG PLUS announced on the 2nd that it has been selected as an International Standard Record Code ( ISRC ) manager by IFPI in London . ISRC is the only international standard code for recording and a permanent identification code, which is widely used internationally due to its high efficiency in copyright management. In particular, ISRC sound source registration is essential for global music platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Amazon, and Desser, and it is a necessary code to distribute sound sources and music videos to the global market. Currently, only 5 of the domestic distribution companies are registered as ISRC managers, and many distribution companies still receive ISRC through domestic music integration management system ( MIMS ) or overseas companies . YG PLUS was selected as the final manager in recognition of its internal distribution system and professional competence, and plans to distribute the sound source and video to the world by directly issuing ISRC codes to domestic agencies . YG PLUS

    YG Family


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