So I just started listening to IU.......

  • She probably has the most varied music out of anyone calling themselves an idol. Out of her 25+ something hits, theres like 3-4 songs that could be said to be actual ballads. Yet people continue to say its the only thing she does...


    Yes, she of course has done a range of genres, it is only lazy reductionism to reduce her to ballads etc,

    But has there been a data analysis of all her 150+ songs by genres, at least at the top level categorization - Rock, Pop, Jazz, R&B, Ballads, Hip-hop and other?

  • IU's discography and especially b-sides always deserve more appreciation :pepelove1:

    Always get annoyed when people claim IU has only managed to stay popular because she only releases "safe" music. lol the same artist who self-produced twenty-three and bbibbi? no one else would be able to do what she does

    I mean people go around and act like the rest of the female industry are all like Lim Kim.
    When the difference between IU and the other girls are they have some flops

    Twenty Three and Bbibbi are more risky than anything from the mainstream scene on kpop.
    She came from Friday and FB who put her in a status of goddess, and then decided to release her diss track.

    After TTN she could release so many replicas yet she never released a folk original title like TTN again (and i wish this everyday).
    I really dont know why the safe thing is so used against her. Not that she is an experimental girl or something, but none of mainstreal soloists are different from her just because they change their genres a bit more.

    Celebrity and Lilac are not the same as Blueming and Love Poem, so IU definitely can bring some "variety" too. But her sing style bring some similarities between her popish songs, and i dont think this is something bad, because this is also identity, the "IU genre. "

    Aside that as an uaena i would say that Lilac album is below what she can bring. Not bad but uninspired, not a surprise since she didnt take the production. Almost like she needed release the album because was the time and that's it.
    Hope her next ep/album she came with more ambition. She is kinda promising that since her 30s is supposed to be better than her 20s, and in some interview she said she want try new things.
    So lets see :smirks:

  • People just need lazy labels.. and for IU this is it. It has nothing to do with facts or even comparison with other artists.

    In any case, I think her next move should be to do a Fb3.

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  • It's because IU has never flopped before like other girlies and they need an easy narrative to explain why. IU has spent over a decade building up the trust with her fans and gp and even if I don't like every single IU song (spoken before on how I found "Strawberry Moon" underwhelming) I always highly anticipate every release. IU also has a very distinctive singing voice.

    I'm glad she didn't release FB3 last year after Lilac (I see Winter Sleep as the replacement). FB1 and FB2 allowed her to explore some different genres and helped establish her reputation but I much prefer original work from IU and hope that's what she focuses on in the future.

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