Overrated animes

  • aot wasn't overrated before (tho I would say the hype of the 1 season was weird) some events that is spoiler if I mention, after some events the story went full downhill and it's overrated now IMHO

    I really think BNHA is super overrated lmao but I ~understand that maybe~ I am not the target audience sooo it's fine? I think "yeah young boys must enjoy this one a lot" not that I dislike shounen quite the contrary I love tons of shounens but MHA doesn't has anything that holds my attention if that makes sense?

    back in the days "another" was the shit and I thought it was so boring? how can a horror anime be... not horror neither have a cool ending or anything of the type? not even school days let me down this way

  • I wanna say h x h but to be fair I have conflicted feelings about it

    one side of me hate the majority of characters like 90% of them no joke, other part of me think some moments are cool and worth watching

  • dbz will always be the most overrated anime of all time (in terms of story)

    however it had so much impact and was unique for its time to the point where i really can't hate on it

  • Death Note. Light was the most pathetic protagonist ever. The way he died and the amount of mistakes he committed, oh my god. It started out great but went downhill as soon as L died.

    Fairy Tail too. I loved it when I was like 10. Now, I can't stop cringing whenever Natsu goes 'power of friendship' or Erza wins a fight by plot armor only. Like wtf? Some really cool characters like Mira and Jellal were paid dust in the last arc. The August and Irene's fights were the anime's worst along with Erza vs Kyoka. And don't get me started on Acnologia. So much hype for nothing.

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