Best Chinese Drama you have watched?

  • I am more into Chinese dramas these days and I would like to see what other people here watched and enjoyed.

    Some of the ones I have watched and enjoyed.

    Here are mine:

    1. The Untamed: it is not surprise that I loved this drama. It is really popular for a reason. The story, the lead actors, the music. Everything was perfect and it is a drama everyone should watch.

    The Untamed

    2. Le Coup De Foudre: Some found it slow but I love this drama. It was heartwarming and it felt like I was close to the characters as they grew up and lived their lives. I love Zhang Yu Jian in this role because it felt like his real self.

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    3. Suddenly This Summer: Bai Yu is my favorite Chinese actor and while checking his other dramas after watching Guardian, I found this really good drama. The plot is not something different but it was well made and it was realistic.

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    Please give me recommendations or discuss anything about Chinese Dramas

  • The only ones that I watched from start to end was Untamed, The Romance of Tiger & Rose, Yanxi Palace and Go go squid.

    I don't really have the patience to watch 50+ episodes. :-D

    Untamed is a bit slow moving but will forever hold a special place in my heart. I still listen to the songs until this day.

    The Romance of Tiger and Rose is a surprise. Was not expecting much but it was really fun and cute.

    Yanxi Palace is really good or maybe bcos I prefer dramas with strong and smart female character.

    Go go squid is typical romance (a bit cringy) drama but it made the male lead look hot. He don't look that good in other dramas. lol..

  • The untamed

    Hot girl


    Its a movie but Better days :<

    le coupe de foudre for me too

    not a fan of cdramas

    there's good movies though ( tons of older ones and a few new ones )

    Princess Agents (ending is trash though) - Zhao Liying made it even more amazing imo

    Chinese Paladin 1 - Old ass Chinese drama with shit cg but the story was amazing

    The Untamed - My first BL drama and I liked it a lot (justice for my girl Wen Qing)

    The Princess Wei Young - loved it loved it loved it

    My Unicorn Girl. It's super cute, sporty, funny, and romantic.

    Thank you for the recs! I will check them out!

  • Nirvana in Fire.

    Story of Yanxi

    10 miles of peach blossoms.

    I have watched 10 miles of Peach Blossoms. It was a little slow but a really good drama.

    I have always wanted to watch Nirvana in Fire since it's was still airing but I never got to it. I should definitely do it.

    Thank you!

    To tell you the truth I stopped The Romance of the Tiger and the Rose. The dubbing was bad and the story was weird.

    The Untamed was so good, I am still obsessed a year later.

    Go go Squid focuses too much on the game and competition stuff. But Li Xian was hot indeed and it made it worth watching.

    I will check the other one, I don't know it. Thank you!

    with you

    I love School dramas, thanks!

  • 10 miles is still my mum's favourite. I didn't finish it cos it was too long. Hahaha..

    Are you watching in chinese/mandarin or dub in other language? Even though my chinese/mandarin is not good, I prefer watching it in original language. But the thing I hate about cdramas, especially the traditional ones, is that they don't use the real actor/actress voices. :cryingr:

    Maybe at that time when we watched The Romance of Tiger and Rose, the ongoing cdramas were pretty bad.

    So, it was pretty okay for us. Lol

    Yes, I might want to re-watch Untamed, one of these days. Just to hear the songs and see all the cute guys again. :pepe-peek:

    Oh.. maybe cos I like to play games.. So, I don't mind Go go squid focusing on the games.. The King's Avatar was another one that focused totally on the games.. so, you better avoid it.. Lol

    You are welcome! ;-)

  • I watch them with subs because I am currently trying to learn Mandarin and it's really helpful how they have both the Chinese and the English subtitles. This has helped me learn new characters!

    Yes, some of them are not dubbed well and the voice sounds weird. For example, I had just finished another drama of the male lead of TROFTAR, and I knew his real voice so it was so weird to see that the new drama was dubbed.

    You should rewatch it! It never gets old!

    Well if the rest of the story is good, I might skip the game parts and watch the drama you mentioned. As long as it's good!

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