TWICE energy ÷love life

  • Jihyo


    She is in the energy of making baby steps, now and doing it! Her journey is wide, the idea made seems scary but the idea is only an illusion of the truth. There is no need to hurry, She brings consistency and willpower. She knows she has the whole world on her back to support her. There is possibility for a solo or subunit or any new activity. Somehow her energy is good, she is focusing on her own journey and her home, at work she is very flexible. She is heading for a promotion in the music scene. The futuristic plans for the long term success has been seeded, where she gets a new creative opportunity to work, she is asking herself if this will work out ?

    Her energy in her love life is mysterious and private, it shows me that she is emotionally unstable for manifesting a lover. I also sense that she and him (her ex) are not really done with each other… The chapter seems not closed yet.(daniel is her soulmate)



    Nayeon has the same energy as jihyo. She might join Jihyo in a subunit, There are 2 options where she can choose and she might choose to commit the same energy and journey as Jihyo.

    Unnecessary drama in her love life… She is wounded, none of these negative thoughts aren´t the truth now. She only protects herself by her past, not wanting to happen again. maybe afraid for all goods that are coming for her? But it’s time to take a new risk of entering a new chapter of getting to know this person. Mature man, who got impressive and passionate charismatic traits. Creative in his hobbies. Definitely an artistic person. His hair color could have been reddish/orange color before. His height is tall. above 180 cm+?(i guess friend so now boyfriend)



    She is one with her own rhythm of her own cycle. Back to her normal life. She had to be patient in this process. She is still resting but it tells me that she is on the right path. Improvements in her personal life. Right now she cant promise yet to participate, but she is dreaming to be part of it and new options and opportunities she might have if she is getting better. I see her participate 2021 around midyear or after midyear.

    Her partner is practical and financially stable. He might have opened her eyes… He might have offered her help or a sweet offer. He is thinking a lot about his long-term goals. He might own a business and he seems wealthy. He might have an earth sign, like Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn in his chart. He could be a businessman or an actor. blackhair with undercut. Height 179-186 cm.(older man)



    She is smiling and having fun, She is active and might practice a lot in the gym or dance her asses off these days. She is curious that she might hang out alot with Sana these days. There is lots of laughter in her energy and lots of tea. Like a Girls Night, just girls that want to have fun!

    The card tells me that the relationship with Heechul has ended, someone has walked away from this connection, sensing abandonment and rejection. acceptance that things that she cannot change.



    A new chapter is present. The theme is about grounding, and physical change, She is one with her true nature. Counting down the days. She is communicative and playful, she is fast and expressive.

    She has a partner for a lifetime. It might be possible that they will get married soon but that the dates will be postponed due to the external situations. She shares a harmonious connection with her partner. She is ready to co-create. There are still things that need to be improved in. But I see positive things at this time for her and her partner. Ready to stand their both feet on the ground and create. creating beauty, and miracles.(serious man)



    She takes a step back and her energy is calming, While she is calm she also has some power within. She is aware of her situation and takes a small breath to and takes small steps instead of impulsively making a decision, because she most of the time dwells in someone’s needs and opinions. She makes priorities for herself.

    There is a man in her life, who might have the air sign in his charts… ( Gemini, Libra or Aquarius). Someone who is rational, serious and honest, someone who is very professional in his work and perfectionist. It seems like they are having a committed relationship. The relationship seems really peaceful. I do still feel it is someone from SM ENT. ( I suspect a Shinee member?).(onew 1989 line fit mina personality)



    This person communicates, being together with her friends and making connections and bonding. Even at those moments she needs to also learn to rely on her own and not too much on someone’s shoulder. She is an extravert and she loves to share things and do things together. She is also asking for some advice and help from others, it feels like home.

    There is a new lover, new feelings in her love life. His approach was quick and straightforward. It was a click that fits. with no obstacles. They are in the stage of getting to know each other as lovers and having dates to explore like an adventure. If I could dive in his personality he seems to have some major boldness and impulsiveness in his approach, Someone that wants to explore and experience new opportunities. someone with a bright mindset. making new exciting plans. feeling playful and having fun. someone who is young at heart. I suspect someone around (1996) SM ENT.(nct)



    She is sensitive and protective about her getting her feelings hurt. She is in a transformation for a new perspective but right now she is protecting her space. Giving her the time to grow is a way to make her come out of her cocoon, she just wants to be stronger. Because she is more used to avoiding opportunities that might be good for her, but sounds scary for her. She wants to think more realistic. Longing to change in a new color of her own growth.

    She might not be in a relationship but friends with someone who she might have a small crush on. She is kinda afraid to lose her control. so she stays closed for a little. Missing the small materialistic opportunity. But there will be unspoken messages to the surface. Honesty and positive talks are presented between him and her.



    She is feeling positive, happy, talkative… She is fast with messages. She is in a great expressive mood. There are no uneasy thoughts around her. She is flexible, being adaptable without compromising. Willing to learn new things and new skills. I see her thinking about trying some activities on her own. A new opportunity at work? baby steps for that new chance.

    She might be in a romantic relationship, but the man may not be an idol. She is recovering her past wounds and she is moving forwards. carrying stress and burdens but she is almost there. there is no way to give up. It is heavy on her shoulder.

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