“When I saw Nam Joohyuk in the movie, it was painful because of my wounds of the past.” The person who was bullied (school violence) by actor Nam Joohyuk directly confessed their past wounds. The agency refuted A's claim, saying, "As a result of our validation, it is groundless."

    A, who attended Suil High School with Nam Joohyuk, met with the media and recalled the school violence that they had suffered. A is a different person from the original exposer of Nam Joohyuk's school violence.

    A accurately remembered the names of students who tormented him, including Nam Joohyuk. A said, "During high school, Nam Joohyuk 'bullied' me with physiqcal violence and abusive language and added "I was able to forget the wounds of the past for a while, but watching the movie with Nam Joohyuk, the old wounds burst like pus and it was painful."

    The bullying Nam Joohyuk inflicted on A continued throughout his school days. A said, “Nam Joohyuk always forced me to keep my smartphone data hotspot on, and he took his smartphone and used it at will. If the teacher caught him using a smartphone, Nam Joohyuk submitted my smartphone, not his own. In my whole school year, Nam Joohyuk has used my phone more than I've used it." "Nam Joo-hyuk took my smartphone and paid for games or in-game items worth tens of thousands of won at will. When I told him 'My parents are paying for the phone bill. I have to pay back. He would respond "Why do I have to give it to you?" and never repaid me in the end."

    A had to comply to unwanted fistfight because of Nam Joohyuk. Nam Joo-hyuk called this ‘sparring’. A said, "If I refused Nam Joohyuk's request or did something his group didn't like, he made me the 'sparring' and forced me to choose people to fight me by forming a ring around me. "I had to fight an opponent I didn't want," A said. A claims he hated fighting so he ended up getting unilaterally beaten up because he refused to fight.

    A also shared the anecdote about being coerced to become a 'bread shuttle' throughout throughout his school days. A said, "One day, Nam Joohyuk said to me, 'If you buy bread within 3 minutes, I'll get you out of the 'bread shuttle' tag.' I ran off and back as soon as I could from the cafeteria, but Nam Joohyuk ended up saying 'since you've been gone for more than 3 minutes, you'll stay the bread shuttle' and this repeated daily."

    Person A said, “I endured bullying throughout my school days, thinking that if I could get a good job and live a good life this will be revenge for them.” "But I recently saw an article that Nam Joohyuk denied the school violence and sued my friend (B). Although I've suffered in the past but I'm living a normal life in society, when I saw my friend getting sued, I decided to stand up for myself. I hope he can acknowledge his past and stop promoting. Every time I see him, I feel tormented."

    The mother of classmate B, who first exposed Nam Joohyuk's school violence, also spoke up.

    B's mother appealed, "A lot of the first article my son interviewed went out of line with what he said, and his agency is proceeding with a lawsuit without confirming the facts, and is committing a second offense."

    She said, "My son is suffering from trauma for the rest of his life because of the bullying,"

    An official from the Green Tree Foundation (Cheongyedan), an organization to prevent bullying, said, “It is common in the educational field where the aggressor student reports the victim to the bullying committee. It is an act of not only recognizing what he is not doing, but also causing serious secondary harm to his family.”

    An official from Nam Joohyuk's agency, Management Soop, said, "We have confirmed the allegations of the informant, and all of the allegations are groundless."

    source: http://naver.me/5eF46EBa

    original post: here

    1. This time, the content is way too detailed...

    2. Of course a victim should stand up for themselves. Meanwhile the school violence assailant is shamelessly threatening lawsuits on them claiming that he didn't do anything. The school violence celebrities are so shameless. I hope they stop parading in the entertainment industry and retire. Seriously they make me want to barf. Where's the conscience when you're still receiving love from the general public when your victims are living under the trauma for the rest of their lives?

    3. I hope that the company stops releasing statements and let Nam Joohyuk speak for himself

    4. What I hate the most are shameless people

    5. So now we have 2 victims....? Hoho

    6. Hul........... This was way too detailed

    7. Bye bye

    8. I found another article that was released back in 2012. This was already a big issue in the past too. This was released in January 2012, which is before their semester started, but you can tell that this was already a society's issue

    와이파이 셔틀 "다른 학생 핫스팟 이용,마음껏 무선 인터넷"
    와이파이 셔틀(사진=온라인 커뮤니티) 와이파이 셔틀 논란스마트폰 무선인터넷을 이용해 다른 학생을 괴롭히는 이른바 '와이파이 셔틀'이 네티즌들의 관심을 ...

    "한 대라도 덜 맞으려고 학교에 지각해요"
    [학교,폭력에 멍들다①] 10명중 2명 학교폭력 경험 성추행도 다반사...빵셔틀은 일반명사, '와이파이' 셔틀까지[CBS 김수영 기자] [편집자주] 지난달 20일 ...

    A lot of news reported that it is a new type of school violence. Wi-Fi shuttle means children who provide Wi-Fi, and the smart phone's tethering and hotspot functions allow people around you to use wireless Internet. This is derived from the bread shuttle that used to buy bread from the kiosk in the past.

    Iljin students have become a problem for having students without power sign up for unlimited data plans and then use their internet for free.

    In particular, those involved in the Wi-Fi shuttle are facing great difficulties, such as the burden of subscribing to a plan of 55,000 won or more that allows unlimited 3G data use and the pressure to comply with the demands of strong students. it was reported

    9. So he wasn't just trying to beat up people around him, but instead was resolving to this type of bullying... Tormenting the victim so that he can entertain himself and get remembered as a popular kid

    10. I thought that this would end with 'groundless rumors' but the victim is now laying down the details and the first victim's mother even started to come forward. This makes you wonder a lot of things

    11. The other victim's mother even commented on this. If this is really true, he needs to be cancelled. I don't want to see a school violence assailant in public media

    12. I'm a 95'er and I used smartphones too in high school

    13. I remember seeing smartphones related news back in 2011 already

    14. First, we need to stay neutral

    15. Even when he debuted, he was already a mess. I'm choosing to believe the victims

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