Why do you think K-pop is better than basic Pop?

  • I dont think its better. Out of my downloaded 1200 spotify songs maybe 50 are korean songs?

    I dont think it will ever be better. It lacka the diversity, artistic freedom and kpop is way too young to seriously catch up

  • Generally, I don't think the music is better. To me, that's where it counts. There are K-Pop groups with the potential to perform and have a music catalog at the level of international Pop artists and groups, but it's going to still take more work to make sure the basics are consistently taken care of first.

  • music is just better. the melodies are actually good and catchy. can't say the same for the west. lyrics are the same shallow whatever but it's just pop so it doesn't have to be anything more than what is it

  • better is subjective - everyone will have different perspectives and you're asking this on a kpop forum so its pretty obvious where most of the people will stand...

    Personally I like everything about kpop groups - the image their project, the (fake sometimes genuine) closeness, the amount of content, the variety of music, the actual music, the dancing, the mvs everything I prefer kpop to normal pop

  • I... don’t...?

    I think music is music. The things I like are the things I like. The things other people likes are the things they like.

    If something brings someone else joy, who the hell are we to shit on it?

  • i don't think it's better per se, but compare kpop (especially from before 2018) to western pop. you'll hear a difference.

    in general, everything is mastered to 100 in kpop songs–– it's more "heavily" produced and there is little room for dynamic variation. if you played a western song and kpop song back to back, you'd notice an overall increase in volume with the kpop song. the instrumentals also tend to be busier as there are sound textures, riffs, harmonies, chords, etc a western producer wouldn't typically include for the sake of simplicity. honestly i don't know why this is but kpop is generally more experimental and what i imagine western pop would sound like if it kept going in the direction it headed down in the 90s.

    i don't really prefer it over western pop, but i assure you there is a difference lol–– kpop is just more heavily produced than western pop :^)

    also i think the idea of having idols and "visible celebrities" is another thing that helps differentiate kpop from western pop

  • I don't vibe much with American Pop, especially recent Pop. I like only a few acts like Bruno Mars and I usually prefer older songs. I vibe more with music from my country, and usually also older songs.

    I don't think K-pop as a whole is better than basic pop, but I think the ones I like are.


    - There's no group in standard Pop.

    - Harmonizing. The strongest point of a group is harmonizing.

    - Multiple singers. The second strongest point is having multiple singers doing different things at the same time.


    - Very emotional singing.


    - Great use of their vocals.

    - Diversity discography. Different musical genres.

    - More instrumental complexity. A lot more is going on to keep the song interesting.

    - They love ballads.

  • Personality and mv video style and music style in general is really different it seems. I think that it's better because of the idols, they are just super loveable for some reason. I also feel like they connect with their fans more. I also like that in KPOP, companies just don't pick someone off the streets or scout them because of a viral video or smth. KPOP idols audition and train for however long it takes them

  • I think it's a matter of preference.

    Personally I found American (mainstream) pop music has become dull, a repetition of steps, and lost a lot of care, creativity and energy compared with how it was in earlier decades.

    K-pop music is more colorful, more vibrant and energetic, the MV's are consistently of a higher quality and creativity, K-pop utilises the group concept very well in lots of varied ways - something that American pop music has practically abandoned completely, the group concept which is already telling and by default limiting the range of things you can do in pop music.

    K-pop groups also provide a livelier pop music scene, with very active fandoms interacting with the artists and contributing the whole K-pop scene.

    Overall, these days K-pop groups do the whole pop music thing better than American pop artists who, sorry to say, as a whole feel like a pale shadow of the megastars and groups that exist in American and European (well, maybe more British) pop history.

  • because the american music industrumy the last decade (add movie as well lately) is shit and nothing like it used to be. Can't wait for the day the world is finally cleansed from it.

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