Alleged victim from Seventeen Mingyu's sexual harassment's jokes posts psychiatric medical records

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    Posted on February 25, 2021

    I left my graduation certification / Psychiatric record certification in the previous article, so please check it. (t/n:

    Yes, I previously said that I will be writing additional information, so I am writing them now.

    When I was in junior high school, I attended the 'ㅅ' academy on the second floor of the 'ㅎ' apartment complex in the back of the school.

    There weren't many people [attending the academy] because the academy was small. All the same grade students were put in one class

    Below is a simplified picture of the structure of the academy.

    (No matter how much I looked for it, there was no picture.)


    At that time, boys in the same class either didn't like me or hated me. That's why I was always alone in academy. Among them, there was a boy who was very close to other boys and was at the "center" of the classroom.And whenever I gave my opinions during a class, this guy would say "What would you know? "Don't be a pushover" and would bash me that way. He said this every time I spoke so I spoke less and less in that academy. In the end, I barely ever talked.

    And that kid... would also make sexual jokes at my seat recklessly.
    Even when the teacher was there, he would do it, to the point where the teacher would tell him to stop.
    Since then, whenever the academy teachers would be there, those comments would decrease, but when the teachers wouldn't be there, the comments were always being made.
    He would do this all the time during breaks or self-study time.
    Even in normal times, that guy would always make sexual jokes.
    During one break, he said "You even decorated the pubic hair!!!!" and started drawing it on the black board all sorts of hair, I can still remember his reaction going along with everyone else vividly. (I don't remember who were the ones who drew on the board, but I remember that he was one of the 2 people who were going along with the situation).

    Below is a structure of the classroom and the seat

    The person who drew on the board didn't stay long in the academy and left, within the year I heard news that he was scouted. Even the academy became quite noisy [because of this]. Since there will be an idol sprouting from our academy.
    At that time I thought that it wasn't going to work out for him so I just overlooked.
    I continued living in my neighborhood and realized he debuted but ignored it
    After leaving that neighborhood, I thought to myself that I wouldn't hear back from him again and it actually got more quiet.

    I became an adult and opened an SNS, and got so shocked when I saw his picture pass by.
    When I look at his pictures, I still remember clearly all his expressions when he talked to me and his tone. But after seeing this person get love by the general public, I was overwhelmed with complicated thoughts.

    So you may ask why did I wait now to write this?

    I never had the intention to write this post. I thought that compared to the other posts that people have released, my experience wasn't as bad as theirs, especially when there was no physical violence involved. So I held back and briefly brought it up to my psychiatrist

    "The person who harassed me in the past is promoting as an idol so I feel uncomfortable talking about this with my female dongsaeng"

    Also.. Since I'm struggling with depression and anxiety, I didn't know who I would set myself against.. It made me scared. I know that in comparison to what I experienced, the things that will ensue if I exposed him will become worse, so I just tried to move on and think that he was just a bad person only to me. But recently, my psychiatrist told me that even things like that can create a big wound .. I saw the people shielding this person (+ I kept being reminded of the experience I've experienced in school) so I brought myself to write this.

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    1. [+393, -19]
    This is a legendary proof... Crazy

    2. [+290, -6]
    At this rate Mingyu-yah... You need to reveal your position..

    3. [+220, -35]
    Wow the fans are scary, they are still saying that this never happened... The fans' standard seriously

    4.[+136, -1]
    The kid who was being harassed is having a hard time because he became an 'idol', it doesn't mention Mingyu, but 'idol' on the psychiatrist record

    5. [+132, -1]
    To be honest if you've never heard sexual harassments jokes first hand, you will never understand. They make you feel so f*cked and annoyed. Please don't do it whether you're a bully or just joking

    6. [+125, -2]
    The fans were so good at staying neutral all this time, so why are they acting up all of a sudden..? The response is so cold here

    7. [+119, -1]
    Kids, as a fan myself, I can tell how clear she wrote her post, please stay still


    original post: here

    1. I thought that this was solved? Are more information coming out? This is crazy

    2. Seriouslyㅋㅋㅋ and people were bullsh*tting with the posts supporting him. I hope that the victim finds strength

    3. That's why we all should just wait and see

    4. Wow I hope that the victim wins. It was so eba how everyone just kept on writing supporting and business posts about him one after the other

    5. People were saying how "cute" he was about only caring about food/rice... The victim is the only one who's pitiful here

    6. And I f*cking shielded him ugh... I can't believe any of those celebrity f*ckers

    7. The funniest thing about this is that fans' shields were them whining about how good of a person he is and how he's incapable of hurting othersㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ but now they are like "let's stay neutral ^^"ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Seriously, they are empty headed

    8. If only the fans didn't shield him, this would've been over...

    9. Yah, stop hiding and just come out

    10. Hul.. didn't he deny?? What is happening again?.. I really hope that the victim recovers.. She must have suffered so bad...

    11. Ah but I don't know if all of this is real or not but I was so shocked to see the fans using the little FB likes he had and him writing "rice" in one of his FB posts as shield for him

    12. Maybe the victim got mad because they saw how he was called rice-cutie by the fans...?

    13. They were f*cking denying this and were writing business posts about his personality. So embarrassing

    14. Hul...ㅜㅜ there are even records from 2018.... ㅜㅜ the victim must have suffered for a long timeㅜㅜ

    15. His victim was a girl so he must have been a crazy bastard to be acting like that, hul

  • Omg this is huge, i really feel sad for this person hopefully she'll get help and if this a lie well hope pledis does something cuz this are serious accusations

  • None of this is really proof against him though?

    What do you want as proof? I'm really curious. This person gave as many proofs as she could, including her private medical records. What would actually constitute proof for you? How many idols do you think came from her class, that this person would be describing someone else?

  • At this point, I feel like Pledis is patiently waiting to see how many proofs she has or how much is she willing to show.

    They probably think that she will be too scared to fight against a big company and will take advantage of this, but the fans will not forget too easily. At least he can apologize and stop trying to look nice, it's already too late.

  • I have lived in Korea and its actually remarkable how many men there where absolute pieces of shit. Like...absolutely openly.

    Where Im from guys at least have the decency to hide their shitty sides if they are shitty.

    One guy deadass said he had a girlfriend AND wanted to cheat with me. Shit like that never happened to me at home I swear.

  • I have lived in Korea and its actually remarkable how many men there where absolute pieces of shit. Like...absolutely openly.

    Where Im from guys at least have the decency to hide their shitty sides if they are shitty.

    One guy deadass said he had a girlfriend AND wanted to cheat with me. Shit like that never happened to me at home I swear.


  • While victim's allegations should always be taken seriously and investigated, the other party is innocent until proven guilty. Anyone can easily type up documents and draw diagrams in a few minutes and post them online. We've seen before how false accusations ruin lives and careers. I'm not even a fan of Mingyu or Seventeen, but I'm not jumping to conclusions to condemn anyone because of hearsay until actual proof or admission is provided to the public.

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