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  • mhh yesterdayy i made i thread about my insomnia and there were some REALLY helpful tips (thank you) some worked and i ended up falling alseep at 10 pm then woke up at 11pm, it was super restless, i tried so hard to go back to sleep and finally succeeded around 5am, i ended up having sleep paralysis and woke up at 5:30 am, i was too scared to go back to sleep since this one was one of the worst ive had in a while, im so soo so tired but i cant sleep, i ended up falling asleep finally at 11am but my mom caught me and yelled at me, she was really mad, she said to go back to doing school, im so stressed and afraid to ask for her help, im so tired i want to cry,,, my concept of time is getting messed up too, like something that might've happened last night feels like it was two days ago, and stuuf like that

  • I'm sorry you had to go through sleep paralysis :( it's a terrible experience and it could happen to anyone. Try to avoid sleeping on your back to avoid having it. Sleep on your sides or on your chest if you're afraid. When you're having sleep paralysis, close your eyes if you can and try wiggling your toes, it really helped me a few times to get over it!

    It's ok, don't feel bad for sharing your problems, I personally don't mind helping others if I can. I don't think anyone minds helping you tbh.

    It's normal to feel like time flows weirdly when your sleep schedule gets messed up, so no worries about it.

    I think you should tell your mom you feel restless and have insomnia so she will help you. It's a health matter and it's her responsibility to help you as a parent.

    As for your previous thread, try to follow the advice that helped you that night and keep it consistent. Drink warm milk or chamomile before bed to feel sleepy sooner. Read a book or something when going to bed and it will help you feel tired sooner. Avoid being on your phone for too long or using tvs and computers before going to bed, it'll make you restless.

    Best of luck and tell us if it worked for you!! :lover3:

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  • you should tell your mom about it if this is how bad it is, im sure she'll understand and help you

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  • Let your primary doctor know about your condition

    Personally, whenever I have a hard time falling asleep I read a book (has to be boring) for 30 minutes to 1 hour. That usually makes me drowsy enough to fall asleep.

  • I'm praying for you and I wish you the best of luck.

    Enjoy Up No More, written by God Jihyo herself because she was going through insomnia at the time so she made the song as a message to those who were also suffering from insomnia. <3

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