ANNOUNCEMENT: In memory of Pikachu-Senpai, June proceeds will be donated. Ways to help detailed inside.

  • - In Loving Memory of Our Friend, Pikachu-Senpai -


    Recently, we were notified of the devastating news that one of allkpop's most treasured members, a colleague and friend to so many, had sadly passed on. Though we all wished it otherwise, we have now received confirmation from her family that sadly, this news is true.

    As such a valuable member of our community who gave so much to the forum and users, many have been asking how they can help. As she was our friend, it's natural we'd want to like to give back in any way we can. Funeral arrangements can be quite costly, so we have decided that all proceeds made the during month of June will be sent to her family as a donation to help offset that cost. If you would like to contribute, any akorns you purchase will be donated to the family in full. Please do not feel obligated to contribute to this, but we wanted to offer it as an option since so many have asked.

    To purchase akorns:

    As staff and as users, we will greatly miss her. If you wish to leave a message for her here, please do so. We will also send this link on to her family so that they might read the messages of comfort. We wish all of you the best in this difficult time. She touched so many with her kindness, generosity and spirit of hope. Let us remember her that way and pay her good deeds forward.


  • To pikachu-senpai's family and friends

    My sincerest condolences to pikachu-senpai's family and friends for your loss. I cannot imagine what you are feeling and I hope my message will reach you and give you a glimmer of my thoughts about pika.

    I cannot say I knew pika that well but I certainly considered her a friend. She was bright thoughtful and had a cheerful persona whenever she was around. Our interactions were always jovial and enjoyable.

    She was gracious beyond a doubt and I think most users would agree with me when I say she was the most generous person on AKP and never hesitated to give to those who asked.

    I would often make fun of her for having too many badges just as she would to me for not having a single one at all. In this regard we would often say that we were two sides of the same coin - her with her wonderful bright aesthetics and me well default green lol

    I would always say she had the fastest internet speed on AKP because (if my memory serves me correctly) she won a competition or two and would always reply the fastest (to my detriment).

    I'm pretty certain that I speak for most people on AKP that although she is no longer with us her spirit will live on through our fond memories of her. I joined AKP after the revamp (Jan 2021) and in the time that I knew her I can say she touched everyone who interacted with her and AKP is a far worse place without pika here.

    "The life of the dead is placed in memories of the living"


  • My condolences to her family and friends and all the people who were close to her.

    I unfortunately didn’t had many interactions with her, but I saw how much she was loved by other users. She once donated a lot of Akorns to me so I can buy the Lisa LE Badges. She helped me with the BP Badges. She was a very carefree and easy going user who enjoyed helping others without wanting anything in return.

    I know that where she is right now she will feel no pain or sorrows. I hope her family finds strength in the thought that they raised a wonderful person who touched so many peoples hearts even in that short lifespan. She will forever stay in their memories. She is gone but not forgotten.

    May her beautiful Soul Rest In Peace.

  • Although I didn't know her real well, I did enjoy our interactions and her kind comments. Our thoughts will be with her family and friends at this difficult time. AKP will be a sadder place without her. Rest in peace.

  • I don't really know what to say. I keep on hoping this is a really bad nightmare that I'll wake up from, but it isn't. I wish I was closer to her and that I had done more. That I had given her akorns for once instead of her giving them to other people. That I had messaged her and gotten to know her more. That I had talked to her in the guild more often. Even though we always got along, I have felt like I should have done more, but it's too late for all of that now.

    She was one of, if not the, best user(s) on this entire platform. She always, always put everyone else first without fail. I never once saw her get involved in any fanwar or argument of any kind on here. She would frequently compliment other users and try to cheer them up if they needed it. She always saw the best in me, and for that I am grateful. She had a talent for pointing out what she loved most about me on days when I needed it before I said anything to her about it, and sometimes even before I knew it. She always gave so, so many of us whatever akorns we wanted, even if we hadn't asked her yet, simply because she thought "everyone deserves to get the badges that they want".

    l'll never forget the day I first met her. It was the first day I ever posted on here, and I knew nothing about the forum at all. I saw a thread of hers that said people would get free akorns if they said their Christmas wish(es). I was curious to see what other people had said, and it seemed like a wholesome thread, so I wanted to leave a comment there as well. I had no idea how akorns worked, and what was considered a little or a lot, so I only expected to get two or three akorns at the most. Upon reading my answer, Pikachu said she liked it and gave me 100 akorns. I was stunned speechless, because I had been expecting so few in comparison to that amount. I went on to thank her for that, and making such a wholesome thread.

    In that same interaction, she also took note of how new I was, and told me to come to her if I need her navigating the forum. I got stuck on a few things later that day, so I asked her for help on the thread, since I didn't know how to DM people or that it could even be done here. She didn't complain about me slightly derailing the thread and was very patient with me and answered all of my questions. Then, after she did all that, she told me that if I ever needed more help with the forum, to not be afraid to ask her. She left the best possible first impression of the forum possible for me, and I'll never forget it, ever.

    She inspired me to help me become a small part of who I am on here. To buy badges that look pretty and make me happy, to have genuine fun making my own aesthetics, to give away my akorns whenever someone asks for them and the warmly welcome other on here when they join, so they can feel as welcomed on here as I had. I wouldn't be the same without her influence that she had on me. She was even a part of the reason why I joined the Once Cult: because I knew she was super nice and wanted to have an excuse to see her around and talk to her more.

    Every time I think about her, and remember a time she helped me out or said something nice, I end up crying. I miss her so bad and I wish she was still here. All of the other users here are wonderful, but none of them will ever take her place in my heart because they aren't her. It won't be the same. As bad as I feel about her passing, I can't possibly begin to imagine the pain her family and close friends must be feeling. I wish there was a way for everything to be undone and her to still be alive and happy. There isn't though, and that reality makes me feel helpless. I do hope though, that she never forget how much I, or anyone else on here, loved her. We'll never forget her.

  • I wasn't close to her but she was that type of person that radiates positivity and brightness wherever they go. My few interactions with her always ended on my part with a big smile on my face. She was helpful and sweet and the kindest user I've seen on this site. Sometimes you don't need to know a person inside out to realize how good they are and reading what others closer to her have shared in the forums these past days just confirms that.

    Words are just words and they can only do so much but I hope her family and friends can find a little comfort reading how loved she was here and how she'll be remembered <3

  • Omg


    Im shocked :pepe-sad:

    Pikachu-Senpai, you were an amazing User and I will Never Forever forget you :wave-cry-raccoon:<3

    I can't pay for akorns casue i dont have a Card

    But Pikachu- Senpai was one of the most sweetest users on here and i really liked her alot :(

    We will miss you, rest in peace :waterr:

  • My condolences to her family, friends and all the people who were close to her.

    We weren't close but I have always thought she was one of the users who are sweetest and most kind hearted. She always radiated positive energy. To me having known you was a great pleasure. We will always remember you.

    May her soul rest in peace.

  • To Pikachu-Senpai's family:

    I want you to know that Pika was such a bright soul. She was the kind of person who made any space better simply by being in it. I think it's a testament to her kind heart and beautiful personality how deeply affected the community here is by her loss.

    I know there have been hard days for you and more hard days ahead. I hope you can get a measure of strength from knowing that your daughter, your sister, your cousin was loved so fondly and by so many people.

    My thoughts are with you in this difficult time. May she rest easily and well.


    strawberry CAKE

  • Thank you all! <3 I am sure she would love all of this. Please remember to take care of yourselves :hug-raccoon:

    Micah Forever


  • To Pikachu-Senpai and her family,

    I haven't know PIKA very well, except through DISCORD activity. She has shown great love and enthusiasm on forum and on discord. I know things have been hard for you and it has been a great loss for all of us. Our deepest condolences to you and to your family.

    My thoughts are with you during these desperate and difficult time. May PIKA rest in peace.

    - sundeep2413




  • "Memories are like a window, through which we can see you, whenever we want to."

    I didn't know you well, but it is always sad when a young soul has to leave our side.

    I hope you found peace and are in a good place, together with the ones that already left before you.

    I hope you know you have many people that love you.

    You did well.

    For her family and friends, I hope they find strength.

    It is a difficult and devastating time.

    My deep condolence to everyone that is mourning her.

    x x x x x

    lR8r0Ht.png 3ce1e4fadb43f903c3c08451d11267ad762cb4c2.gifv 76828aa5df2c6c486fcd7cf5f7e79b9cef2d85bc.gifv 05944d61e2ba0cab19ae3dc4b23585c1eb275eb6.gifv k5ZCbcO.png

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  • To Pikachu’s family -

    I am so so sorry for your tremendous loss and my thoughts are with you in this difficult time.

    Your daughter touched the lives of many people around the world in different countries. She was always a beacon of light that sought to find ways to uplift other people’s days even though I am realizing now she was fighting her own personal battles.

    I knew her as Pikachu and let me describe the way she touched us here:

    - She was the first person to help another user.

    - She had a huge heart and was happy to give to help other people get the little things we wanted on here.

    - She would host giveaways of our virtual currency here just because it was a holiday (I’d often comment in her thread just because it was a sweet thing to do and tell her I didn’t need the “money” and she ignored me and always sent me some anyways :pleading:)

    - She always had a kind word to say.

    - She brought something special and irreplaceable here

    I feel fortunate to have known her even just here online and I will certainly try to honor her legacy of helping people.

    My deepest condolences to you.

  • My most sincere condolences to the family and close friends of Pikachu.

    Pikachu was always the sweetest and most selfless, even when times were tough. She made it her mission to make people happy and to leave a positive impact on people throughout their lives. Whenever I saw her complimenting others or giving away akorns, she left a smile on my face. I thought a lot to myself "how can someone be so generous?" She was truly an angel and I will never forget everything that she's done for me and how much of an impact she's had on so many others' lives.

    I loved her compliments, they always brighten my day to read them, even if it was just a little bit. Even if her compliments were short, sweet, and simple, they were so much more than that to me. She would give away so many akorns to me and others, even though I refused to take some since I'm more of an independent person and I like the thrill of farming my own akorns and felt bad when someone gives away their hard-earned akorns. But she insisted and persisted and I just felt like it was something she really wanted to do and if it made her happy to make others happy, then that's why I accepted them.

    She didn't just help with akorns, she helped so much with things like events. Her badges were always so perfect and she always made sure that they were of the highest quality. She hosted so many events and was probably the reason our badge events are set up this way. She was also so helpful on other events, including in co-hosting. We hosted Loona together and it went so smoothly. I really appreciate it since 12-members might've been too much to handle for the both of us.

    She also was a judge in Valentine's Day competition back in February of this year and her ratings and reasonings were so detailed. She hosted a lot of games, making sure that people have fun every once in a while and she made sure those games were of the highest quality. I really enjoyed talking to her personally, as well. She made the ONCE Cult badges and made sure that everyone liked them and was working on the possible new guild emblem before she passed and hosting the Nayeon LE solo badge. We were also going to watch Itzy Cozy House and wait until she got she'll always be here in spirit <3

    There's going to be a lot of things that she'll miss but she'll always be here in spirit. She's probably watching over us right now, happy knowing the positive impact she left on so many peoples' hearts. She was one of the people in my life that really made me realize that there are still amazing people in this world.

    We may not have talked all the time on a personal level but I will never forget our conversations or what she's done for so many people.

    I love Micah, may your soul rest in peace. <3

  • There's going to be a lot of things that she'll miss but she'll always be here in spirit. She's probably watching over us right now, happy knowing the positive impact she left on so many peoples' hearts. She was one of the people in my life that really made me realize that there are still amazing people in this world.


    Micah Forever


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