Why Jennie's Celebrity is Immune to Dating Rumors

  • Dating rumors (true or fake) are notorious for causing a crisis among fandoms of female celebrities and "cheapening their image" or causing them to "lose their hype", and some have been speculating that 3 dating rumors will cause a decline in Jennie's IT girl status, however I believe this is not the case, in fact I predict whether the rumors are true or not, Jennie will only become even more of a trendy figure.

    The reason why dating rumors hurt korean female celebrities is because males who idealize them as a pure and innocent "girlfriend" or "little sister" image become upset.

    However Jennie is unique in that she:

    #1 already has a "foreigner" or "gypo" image, so when she doesn't follow these strict cultural expectations, it's more acceptable to the public.

    #2 she's very popular among women who wish to emulate her image and lifestyle, so by being rumored with high-status men, she only becomes more enviable by women.

    Finally #3, Jennie is Jennie, and at the end of the day her talent and IT factor can't be diminished due to something as lukewarm as dating "scandal" (which despite translated pann comments, most Koreans don't give af)

    so to all those waiting with bated breath for the day Jennie "falls off", keep waiting 'till you're blue in the face

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  • I think this is pretty outdated. Joy, Momo, and Jihyo all got caught dating not just rumors and all of them continue to function perfectly fine. I dont think dating is as big of a problem anymore

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