A lot of anger on this Lesserafim case is on Hybe, not on the member.

  • When Napoleon mostly conquered Europe, his empire reached from Lisbon to Kovno (in Lithuania).

    However, railroads were not invented yet (the English were experimenting with steam engine but they didn't become online until 1814 or so), and while Robert Fulton of Pennsylvania had invented steamships, Napoleon had refused to buy that idea, something I pointed out in a previous post.

    The technology of the era was not advanced enough to rule this vast holdings so Napoleon put his relatives as kings of here and there, and they mostly proved to be incompetent. The worst of it was Joseph Bonaparte, who became King jose I of Spain. (Later, when Mexico was in turmoil in the 1820s, some people wanted him to be the King of Mexico. Having enough experience as a monarch and knowing he was not fit to be one, Joseph refused. Another royal who had more ambition than ability, Maximilian of Austria, accepted the same job in another incident in the 1860s, and he met a violent end.)

    So, Napoleon's empire began to sicken from the periphery, and only his continued military successes could keep it going which is why he was led to attack Russia in 1812.


    A lot of anger on Kim Garam in Korea is about Hybe itself.

    I have said several times that unlike SM and JYP, which at least listen to the shareholders and have transformed into real companies, Hybe is still run like a personal fiefdom of Hitman Bang Sihyuk, like Yang Hyunsuk of YG and Lee JIeun of Edam.

    Armies are getting upset that because of Bang's many new projects, like inviting game producers from the company Netmarble (owned by Bang's cousin) and creating games based upon - BTS, and other projects which ultimately derive from BTS, which actually takes the effort from BTS itself. Also all these acquisition and creating a plethora of acts in a short sequence, which lessens the attention to the individual acts since there is a saturation point somewhere and if there are too many groups some are not going to succeed.

    Some people complain the substandard quality of the Hybe goods, and some people also complain about the lack of maintenance in Weverse.

    Bang wants Hybe to become a platform company, based upon the latest IT tech, but its business model is still very, very dependent upon BTS while Bang's ambition is giving a less emphasis on that group.

    In addition, at least in Korea, the statement of a Hybe exec upon the military service of BTS earned a lot of enemies among the Korean men in their 20s, while deriving no benefit at all.

    Source Music, now a wholly owned subsidiary of Hybe, has the eternal enmity of the Buddies (fans of GFriend) who will never forgive it. And Garam was the pick of the ex-owner of Source Music, who knew she was already released by Starship because of this potential bullying issue (In other words, without this bullying issue, she would have become part of Ive.) Which does not endear her to ex-wizones who support the ex-IZOne members but think Garam is hurting their faves' chances.

    And now this shoddy handling of the Garam matter by Hybe basically ignited the growing frustration upon it, making a small matter big.

    If it were just Lesserafim it would have ended in a few days, but it is now frustrated Hybe stans who found a target. So it is transforming into some other direction , which appears to be something Hybe is ill equipped to deal with.

    Bang was never strong on mitigating crisis. When the Glam matter broke, he almost became bankrupt and actually said he would just open a pastry shop. BTS dragged him from the dungeon.

    And now he has become a mogul, the public perception is that he now neglects BTS, gets into projects beyond his ability to handle and is still deriving most of his revenues from BTS, while showing he and his staff are not sharp about handling basic matters.

    I think the anger has to do more with Hybe's sudden growth and its inability to handle smaller situations and the growing frustration among fans of Hybe acts than Garam herself.


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  • it can be be all sorts of things

    I see anger or frustration directed to hybe, garam, garam's parents, the school system, teachers, other students etc etc

    and I'm sure that all parties involved have some degree of culpability

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