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  • helloo this is vv late but thanks for the follow <3

  • thanks for the follow me friend but why me?

    • Why not selfmate? Believe more on yourself!

    • haha...thanks again and as I ask of everyone...tell me something about yourself my friend?

    • What can I say, I’m not that young and I’m currently studying for a Master.

      Kpop is more like a diversion for me, and I just listen to 1 kpop group: Blackpink.

      And you?

    • if you care to share my friend how old are you and are you male or female?

      masters? in what subject my friend?

      ahhh...I like BP too (amongst others lol)

      me...hmmm I'm a 37 year old Chinese Australian boomer!!!

    • I’m a girl from Italy, and I’m currently studying for a Master in Criminalistics (if that’s how it’s called in english) in a spanish university.

      I’m not exactly old, since I’m 26, but for the kpop standard…. I see that majority of fans are really really young. It reminds me a little bit of the One Direction era, when the majority of the fans were teenagers.

  • thanks for the follow <3

  • thanks for the follow :pepelove2:

  • Thanks for the follow 💗

  • thanks for the follow!

  • Thanks for the follow. I have noticed you are one of the few loyal blinks lately. On akp at least :pepelove2:

    • Thanks for following me back! I’m a member of allkpop since 2016, but the last few years I wasn’t active anymore.

      Now I always try to post positive things about Blackpink since I don’t see a lot of blinks here anymore. 🌺🌺

    • That explains why I hadn't seen you much until recently (and I only joined last year). So welcome back hope to see you more often! I think blinks are around just not as active, we need cmb announcement.

    • We really need the girls to comeback ! We waited long enough, and I’m sure that, as you said, when they announce the comeback blinks will be more active!

  • Thanks for the following <3