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  • This might sound odd but I remember seeing you on here every now and then for the past 5 years, even remember your old profile pic lol. Hope you've been doing well.

    • Lmao, someone remembered me. I def had my ups and downs in my own behavior with this site. I'm sorry, I'm not sure if we had interacted before but I am open to chatting!

      How are you?

    • I'm sure we've all had our moments on this site at some point because I sure have as well. xD And it's all good, we've never really interacted like that before.

      I am doing alright, thank you. How about you? : )

    • A little stressed, I have finals this week (technically one left now, but it's a lot to study)

    • I'm feeling tense with finals as well T.T. Good luck, I'm sure you'll do to best of your abilities!

    • Thank you you too!