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  • i hear you gave somebody akorns

  • Taylor Swift - Photoshoot #092: InStyle (2009) - Anichu90 Photo (17988211)  - Fanpop

    I still listen to Tay Tay but I have not stanned her in such a long time. Just gonna share a bomb HQ photo I found in my images saved to make graphics with on my old as fudge laptop I still use

    • this is so lovely. thank you so so much.


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    • Absolutely if I stumble upon anymore HQ early career photos I will send them your way :D

  • omg thank you for the follow and all the akorns :whatk::pepelove1:

  • thanks for the follow <3

  • sometimes i wonder if i'm really joking or not

  • :borahae: i want to die sometimes:borahae:

  • Thanks for the follow :lover3:

  • gimme akorns

  • i just know one of these days i'm gonna get a dm about the shit i post in the random thoughts thread.

    • hey, why r you posting the shit you post on the random thoughts thread !! 3x

  • my Fav Swiftie :pepe-toast:

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  • thank you for the follow and representing our queen and goddess of truth, Taylor Swift

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  • Did u hear? Jo-HaSeul is back! <3




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    • omg yes pls lemme manifest a comeback real quick

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    • Do wat u got to do!
      our Leader is back!

  • thanks for the follow ^^ i like tiffany,snsd,rv & aomg too :*

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  • [MV] 이달의 소녀 1/3 (LOONA 1/3) "비의 목소리 51db(Rain 51db)" - YouTube
    2. 1/3 was the first unit and i think there is heavy lore here! it shows Singing in the rain and Eclispe in the subtitles at the top! im on to something! I CAN SMELL IT!....

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  • akps #1 swiftie :?:

  • please follow me backkkkk!


  • thank you for the follow but why me though?

    • cause i see ya around often and you seem cool

    • thank you...I ask this to everyone - tell me something about yourself?

    • i can speak korean pretty decently bc of my grandma. kept it on the dl throughout highschool bc once k-pop became popular everyone wanted me to teach them.

    • interesting are you of korean ethnicity? (on your grandma's side)

    • yes, but she has the last bit of it as she wasn't full full korean but also part filipino, so she looks "stereotypically asian"

      i've gotten lots of "but you don't look asian!" comments. yeah well i'm filipino and armenian and maybe there's some korean left but whew

  • was gonna add Huh Gak- I Can Only Say I Want to Die to my list of relatable songs but then realized that was way too on the nose

  • small pieces of glass inside my heart

  • hiii!! please update us when you get a reply!!!


    • nothing yet. i'm getting a weird feeling of anxiety right now. tearing up.

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    • it's gotta be one of the worst feelings to have to wait like that, i was impatient and just ..but it didn't work out so maybe waiting is the better way!

    • instead let's all wait together for Gone by our Rose? :(

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  • :pepe-angel:

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  • Happy Birthday to our Queen KimLip! <3

    It is technically the 10th in Korea!
    Stream Eclipse!
    Show love and kind messages to Lip!<3

    • my bias and my favorite solo.

      makes me wistful for some reason...

      it's so gorgeous.

    • I do love the Melodies in Lips song ^-^

  • i cant believe u have all of loonas albums ;-;

    • i remember watching heejin debut in 2016 and i was like

      "that's my girl"

    • Lucky x)

      i came around halfway of Loona

      ive been around since Jinsouls Debut x3

  • making a little wish.

    hope to see you again.

    i know i will.

    just hope it's very soon.