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  • Hello,

    Replying to you quoting me here because it's really no worth derailing that thread more.

    The streaming parties always included Butter and its remixes in addition to PTD so it was a way to continue Butter promotion as much as a way to promote PTD imo. I don't see the point in comparing with LGO which was released in a completely different album. Yes PTD was a promoted single but also a b-side to Butter. You seem to agree that Butter promotion is on another level compared to PTD and that was actually the point, Butter being the main single. If you want to call PTD a title track then you do you. But I think you can agree that OP of that thread making a equivalence between HYLT/LSG and Butter/PTD did not make any sense because while both HYLT and LSG were promoted equally (as far as I know), it was not the case for Butter and PTD.