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  • You sound like your well read in music. What do you think is the most perfect album that's been put out?

    • I have no idea if such a thing even exists. I have no idea.

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      What about your top 5?

    • hey, nice track

      It would be better if i tried for a top 50 or something. hmmm.Not really top 5 or what not but albums that i find great for different reasons

      Miles Davis - Some kind of Blue
      Frank Sinatra - in the wee hours of the morning
      Pink Floyd - dark side of the Moon
      Metallica - s&m
      Seal -Seal
      most of the later Beatles albums
      most albums by porcupine tree
      Radiohead - ok Computer
      Lauryn Hill - The miseducation of Lauryn Hill
      Tim hecker - kanoyo
      Most of Bjork's discography
      Burial - Burial
      Probably most albums by brian eno and amin tobin

      these come to mind now but I am definetly leaving out many many great albums i can't think right now, probably better ones at that

      Love 1
    • Woah. I'll make sure to check all of these out!

      Also do you work in the music industry or sumn? How do you know so much about music? What got you into kpop?

    • I'm sorry if I'm asking too many questions. It sounds like an interrogation but I just curious about you :*

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